Wednesday, October 10, 2012

35 Weeks

Our doctor's appointment went well today!  It was very brief-- she didn't take any measurements because I meet with the perinatologist next week.  Both babies are once again head down (surprise!!) and it appears Sloane has a nice head of hair on her!  The sonographer pointed out both kids are doing some major fetal breathing, which is fantastic.   My BP, weight, etc. are still on track so my doctor sent us on our way.

Three weeks to go.

Last Saturday night we went to dinner to celebrate Michael's belated 30th birthday (September 15), our upcoming 5th anniversary (October 20), and the last fancy meal as a family of two.  We had such a great time and the food was amazing.  Michael pointed out something a few months ago that I thought was pretty neat.  We were able to dedicate our twenties to us.  We met at 22, dated long distance for a year before I moved to Tulsa, engaged at 24, married at 25, and moved to Dallas at 27 (and traveled to several fun places in between).  When I was a few months shy of 30 we found out we were expecting Sloane and Jude so our thirties (and let's face it, every decade after) are dedicated to our family.  It's a very clean end of one chapter and beginning of another.  And while I absolutely can't wait to see what the upcoming years bring, I am so grateful for the foundation we created as husband and wife. 

Here's a bizarre story.  We went to Neiman Marcus Last Call on Sunday and I found a pair of flats I really liked.  Since my bending skillz are a little iffy at the moment, Michael grabbed the correct shoebox and placed it on top of the others.  Right about that time a lady appeared and stood right next to me (close enough that our arms were touching).  Michael opened the box and pulled out the left shoe.  I was texting my mom so I was a bit distracted.  He leaned down to put the shoe on my foot (such a Cinderella moment... if Cinderella was knocked up and on her phone) and when he stood up to grab the other shoe he noticed it was missing.  I'd grown very tired of the lady standing on top of me so I looked at Michael and said, "Let's come back later."  He gave me this shocked look but I had no idea why.  We moved ten feet away and as I told him how rude she was for being in my space he blurted out, "She took the other shoe!"  What?  Oh yes, after she watched Michael take the left shoe out of the box, she took the right shoe and tried it on.  Sure enough, as soon as we walked away she grabbed both shoes and took off!  WHO DOES THAT?!

I've hit nesting mode full force.  We're pretty neat people (and by that I mean both "awesome" and "clean" :) but we do have an issue with collecting small piles of things.  This includes birthday cards, old bills, insurance claims, etc.  I asked Michael if we could go through one of the piles and we ended up spending a good part of the morning going through every single pile.  It was AMAZING.  We threw away a ton of stuff and filed everything else.  In doing so we ran across this picture.  I always forget how blonde Michael was as a toddler.

Jude in a few years? I can only hope!

Strangers are really nice to me now (or really terrified I'm going to give birth in the Starbucks line).  I'm no longer asked when I'm due, it's just assumed I'm due RIGHT THAT SECOND.

35 Weeks - 20 days to go! 


Kaitlin said...

1. I'm so glad you guys had a nice night out before life changes forever :) 2. That picture of Michael is perhaps the cutest thing ever...your little ones are going to be darling! 3. I am in constant awe of you-- you have handled this pregnancy with such grace and ease and even though I am sure you are uncomfortable, you hardly look it, nor do you complain. You look absolutely beautiful!

Leslie said...

That pic of Michael is ADORABLE! Can't believe he was so blonde! (Makes me wonder what hair color my two blondies will end up with?) You're looking gorgeous as ever!

Amber Massey said...

You have no idea how jelly I am of your ability to go outside the house;) Yay for a great appointment!! I cannot wait to see theses gorgeous little ones in 20 days!! Hang in there beautiful!

Aubrey said...

I love happy endings and exciting new beginnings, and you are getting to do BOTH right now! You are DOUBLING the size of our family in only 35 (or 38!) weeks! As a math person, you understand how exciting that is.

I treasure every minute of those six years with Nick Pettyjohn all to myself, but I would happily double the size of our family. It's just more love to go around.

Trish said...

Happy 9 days!

And I need to know what you did with those cards in the pile. Did you file them? I have those piles everywhere too and they drive me crazy but I just can't seem to part with the cards. Even the ones that don't have any meaningful text on the inside. It's sick. And Christmas cards--what do you do with Christmas pictures people send you? I mean really. I need to know what people do with this stuff.

Back to you--you look great mama. I'm guessing you're more than ready, huh?

Mom's the Word said...

Looking gorgeous! Love the "small piles of things" - we are always batting those, too. And the assumption that you're due "right that second" - I can only imagine!


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