Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Topic #1: Friends, Glorious Friends

When Michael and I started dating several years ago, many of his friends lived in Dallas. Each time we visited I remember thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we lived here too?” Well as you all know, here we are. Only problem? A lot of his friends are no longer in Dallas. Hilarious, no?

I never wrote about moving to Texas because it was too sensitive of a subject at the time. Not in a bad way, of course--we were both thrilled for a great job opportunity and new adventure, but we’d built a lot of wonderful friendships in Tulsa and that was so hard to leave. After Michael accepted the job and moved to Dallas, I didn't cry. I knew I was an emotional wreck but for some reason the tears wouldn’t come… until the day I left Tulsa.

I worked that day and had to say goodbye to my sweet church family. At 4:30 I grabbed my things and started driving. I was doing fine until I passed the sign that said, “Welcome to Texas” and I LOST IT. I cried. And cried. And cried. Out of sadness, out of happiness, out of total fear, and out of complete gratitude. I refuse to share the song that was playing on the radio when I crossed into Texas but every time I hear it I tear up because I remember that moment so well. Let’s just say it’s not a song that would make the average person cry. :)

I had this vision of us making friends by the dozens. I wouldn’t consider either of us extremely outgoing so I’m not sure why I ever thought it would be easy. We spent hours and hours with Karen and Myers, and I panicked because they were going to have a baby in December and we'd be abandoned. Now that Owen is here we (still) hang out with them constantly and are so grateful for their friendship. With that said, they have their own lives and friends and we both want and need the same.

Last week was one of my favorite Dallas weeks to date. I’ve gotten close to several girls at work and am part of a book club, photography club, and now an exercise challenge. We’ve hung out several times outside of work (with and without our husbands) and I truly value their friendship. Last Wednesday three of us went to the park and exercised together, which was good motivation for all of us. On Thursday I had lunch with two sorority sisters who live in Dallas and caught up on both of their lives. After work on Friday, Michael and I went to Preston Hollow Presbyterian’s happy hour and 20 people our age showed up. We’ve been visiting PHPC for several weeks and a couple who also went to University of Tulsa saw us and invited us to join the group. We had a great time and met some incredible people. We left the happy hour and met up with Myers, Karen, and Owen to drive to New Braunfels for our fun Labor Day weekend trip.

I realize I just filled the previous paragraph with 50+ adjectives but that tells you how amazing it felt to spend time with so many different groups and truly feel like a part of each one. A strong friendship takes hard work and I, more than anyone I know, struggle to do my part. But after experiencing a week like last week, it absolutely reaffirmed our need to be a part of something. Of many things.

We’re so ready.

And with that, I can officially (and finally) say that Dallas, Texas feels like home.


Cari said...

So happy for you! My first year in Portland was pretty lonely, other than a few great friends. Now we are leaving four years later, and have an awesome crew that seems to just keep growing with time. So just keep saying yes to invites, and soon you'll be tearing up at the thought of ever leaving your new family of pals :)

Kaitlin said...

So glad for you guys that Dallas finally feels more like "home!" Even though I've never left Tulsa, almost all of our college friends have(tear)so in many ways, I can relate to your need to make new friends, join new groups, etc. Didn't help that my old job left me alone 99% of the time! Sounds like last week was indeed a good week!

Heather said...

It takes a little time to settle into a new place. Glad it is all coming together. We miss you guys in Tulsa, though.

Jax said...

I couldn't imagine how hard it was to leave Tulsa! I was a boo-hooing mess when I just drove across TOWN from my old job for the last time. Soooo I would have probably had a meltdown at the "Welcome to Texas" sign...haha.. :)

I love that you guys are making friends and that Texas is feeling like home, even though Tulsa misses you. :) And I'm kinda jealous of all those clubs! My coworkers don't do any of that business! :)

This is a long comment. Wow. Sorry about that. On an unrelated note, I got the book Maui Revealed and have been eating it up...

Kaitlin said...

Oh and PS, we still miss you in Tulsa. :(

Whitney said...

Awwww...I totally understand. I went to the University of Oklahoma and can very, factually state that there is no place in the world like OK. I miss it so much!

Tulsa is especially beautiful.

BUT, you have such a good attitude about your new home. And remember, home is where the heart is :)

xxoo Whitney

katandkarl said...

I def think that it shifts over time as well...like the older you get, the more your activities change, the more/different friend sets you find! (Read: I now have some "mom-friends" that I have met ONLY b/c I have a child... it's a little strange but mostly amazing!). Some days I still feel the pangs for my college PEOPLE but i do love me some LR.

Karen said...

This post makes me very happy! We love having you in Dallas!


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