Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1: Big Apple

I can’t wait to tell you more about our trip to New York City! Just thinking about the past week puts the biggest smile on my face. Will do a complete update with pictures soon, but until then here's a brief overview in numbers…

3: Years we’ve been married (a little early, October 20 is our anniversary) and the reason for this trip

5/4: Days/nights we spent in NYC

4: Celebrity spottings (Kelsey Grammar, Patricia Heaton, Mickey Rourke, Cynthia Rowley)

5th: Row to watch La Cage Aux Folles

6: Pairs of legs in La Cage that made me insanely jealous (who cares if they belonged to men dressed as women?)

1: Times we went the wrong way on the subway

0: Times we took a cab other than to/from the airport

$20,000: What our Peter Lik bamboo photograph is now worth! (We didn’t pay nearly that much, obviously.)

2: Peter Lik galleries we visited

0: Peter Lik photographs we purchased

1: Times Michael knew exactly where we were

6th and 30th: Cross-streets of our hotel

86th: Floor of the Empire State Building with the most amazing view

$0: Amount we put on a credit card. We saved for almost a year and will have nothing to pay off next month. AMAZING feeling!

6: Times we said we could see ourselves living in NYC

6: Times I immediately prayed, “But I’d rather stay in Dallas.”

1: Number of birds that touched my foot (to which I loudly yelled, “Oh my God I’m going to get Swine Flu!” I hope no one was paying attention.)

3: Lbs EACH cookie weighed from Levain Bakery (I wish I was kidding)

10: Times Michael or I said, “Girl? Guy?” and neither of us could come to a conclusion.

2: Times I got teary on the trip. One was when we went the wrong way on the subway. Other was visiting Ground Zero.

90: Average weight of a 5’7” NYC resident (male or female).

74: Average temp while we were there

1: Number of blondes in NYC (that would be me)

And one last number…

28: Age Michael turned today. Wish him a Happy Birthday!


Leslie said...

Yay for the Big Apple! Sounds like a great trip and I can't wait to hear more and see pics! I know our Arkansas Wine Adventure won't be quite up to par with this trip, but we sure as heck are gonna try! ;)

Kaitlin said...

So many of these made me laugh! The cookies were 3lbs each?! Didn't realize that! Sounds like such a great trip! Happy birthday Mike and happy early anniversary (since you just celebrated and all)! See you THIS weekend, hooray!!

Laura said...

Hurray for fun NYC trips! Matt and I went in late August for our honeymoon, so it will always have a special place in my heart (cheesy, I know). I wasn't aware that there was a 3 pound cookie. I think I need to meet this cookie. Also, I'm sure you know this, but the 20th of the month is the Levers, Forneys and Haynessss anniversary date. Yay for that!

Aubrey said...

8: Number of times I laughed out loud while reading this post. :)

As is always the case with your blog, I look forward to seeing photos and reading more!

Karen said...

Boo for no preview pictures from the trip! I will definitely be stealing your bamboo photo in the very near future. I guess I would fit right in with the New Yorkers since I too weigh 90 pounds.

Candace said...

This post is so cute!! And just so you know, I can hear you yelling about swin flu as if I were right there with you! Yay for a fun trip! and happy (now belated) birthday to michael!!!

Jax said...

Love it! I cant wait to see photos! :) And love the "Number of blondes in NYC" haha.. :)

katandkarl said...

Love your Numbers posts! I have to say I always feel so at home with my brunette hair in the NYC...there are way more of you blondies in the south! Glad you guys had a good trip! Sounds amazing.


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