Sunday, September 26, 2010

NYC - Day 5

(Last day, I promise. I'm hoping my NYC posts have convinced you to visit and not made you hate the city, or even worse, hate me....)

Day 5

It felt like the last day of our honeymoon. So happy for the experience, so sad to be going back to the real world. We weren't flying home until that evening so we left our bags with the concierge and hit the pavement one last time.

We stopped at a cheap cafe for breakfast. Right above our booth was a choking instruction poster (of the food variety, not the "I am going to kill you" variety), so I felt very safe while consuming my chocolate croissant and sprinkled cookie. Breakfast of champions.

Today's adventure was visiting the Meatpacking District.

Let's pause for a second, shall we? I've heard people talk about the Meatpacking District dozens of times and I always did one of the following: a) snicker b) gag c) snicker and then gag. It just doesn't sound like a pleasant place whatsoever. But! Several people told us we had to see it and I am so glad we did. I LOVED this area. It felt like a less exposed Soho. The neighborhood was gorgeous--so many streets were filled with trees and eclectic decor. People were out walking their dogs (almost all were French bulldogs) and it had such a cool vibe to it.

We visited Chelsea Market and immediately regretted our decision to stop at the cheap cafe. Chelsea Market had so many great restaurants but we were both so full. We will eat there on our next visit. :) We walked up and down several of the streets (Charles, Bleeker, Hudson and Perry to name a few) and loved the cute neighborhood parks. The Apple store was fantastic, as was Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenburg, and my personal favorite, Theory.

We saw our next "celebrity" at Cynthia Rowley's store. She was in the back of the store meeting with a client and I leaned over to Michael and said, "That's her!" I patiently waited for her to give me a few pieces from her fall collection but that never happened. :)

We had lunch at Corner Bistro, which was a complete DIVE--very dark and mellow. We'd been told they had terrific burgers and I'm so glad we knew a little bit about the place because they did not offer us a menu and the only information we gave the waiter was how to cook the burg. Well worth the initial panic of "Holy cow where ARE we?" because it was great! If you're not a huge burger fan, skip this place because it is not known for its ambiance or friendliness (or plate size). But if you're like the Haynes' family, a great cheeseburger (hamburger for the mister) is one of the quickest way to our hearts.

We walked east so we could see the Flat Iron District and then it was time to head to the airport.

Once we got in the cab we noticed Mickey Rourke was in the car next to us. He really is one ugly man. I'm sure he has a stellar personality so that's good.

And so ends our fabulous trip. We weren't in the airport five minutes before I turned to Michael and asked when we could go back. For those who love Manhattan it is an absolute addiction. I recommend it to anyone that is willing to put aside everything they know and open their eyes to something completely different. Each day we felt like we were in a different city so I truly believe there is something for everyone (and in our case, everything for someone).

Thanks for allowing me to reminisce. Now go book your own trip and tell me all about it. :)


Cari said...

Ha, glad the CB burgers made up for the ambiance...we thought they were delicious too. And I like a good dive from time to time!

Jax said...

Love it! And yeah, I didnt ever thing positive things about the meat packing district, so I'm glad you have corrected that for me! Comedy! :) And um.. never apologize for going on about vacation days on your blog, lest you forget the diatribes I subject people to about my trips..haha. I really do go back and read them though..mostly when it's -5 degrees outside and I'm annoyed in my office. :)

So glad you guys had a fabulous trip! You really did make me want to visit NYC again! I've only been when I was younger and we didn't see NEARLY the things you did! Looks so fun!!! :)

Jax said...

Oh and I dont know if Blaze ever contacted you, but she and Dave are moving to Dallas. He got a job, but she doesnt have one. Anyway, I said she should email you! Just to ask about areas/adjusting/etc! :) So, if she emails (or emailed) that's why!! :)

Laura said...

I'm SO glad you guys had such a great and memorable trip! I think you could go back 10 times and do completely different things every time :)

Rachel said...

That burger and your whole trip looked divine. Remember when Cynthia Rowley designed a shoe line at Target? I bought the crap out of every pair that came out and wore them for years. What happened? Grrrrr.

P.S. Come to SD in the spring with Myren!

Jenni said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, and thought it was funny that I was just in NYC too, and wrote a couple of New York posts as well! Even went to Chelsea Market, and have the same pic on my blog of that weird flat, triangular building. Except my trip was pretty crappy. Lol!

Glad to have found you and look forward to following you in the future! L)


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