Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Special Guest

A few updates! Once again, I'd like to introduce my friend, Mr. Bullet Point: •
  • Today is Thumbs' 5th birthday! I don't know how old she really is because she was a stray cat near our home in Tulsa. I brought her with me to Fort Smith on October 31, 2004, the day before I started my job at Beverly. That being said, I've always considered Halloween her birthday and it only makes sense that her coloring is black and orange. Way to get into the spirit, Kiddo! She was around before Michael and she's not afraid to let him know it.
  • Happy Halloween! Girls, if you must wear your barely there costumes, please remember: leggings/tights are wonderful inventions. Use them. Love them.
  • Speaking of Halloween, I just finished Twilight. After adoring Harry Potter, I decided I should read first, judge later (except when it comes to Lord of the Rings, which can die a horrible death for all I care). Anywho, I finished the first book yesterday and asked Michael to be Edward Cullen for Halloween. And then I got a little frustrated at him for not being a vampire with "smoldering eyes." I'm not going to lie, there were several parts that made me roll my eyes but there were even MORE parts where I hugged my pillow (I was home by myself, leave me alone) and cried, "I LOVE YOU EDWARD!" Yeesh. I was supposed to run four errands yesterday. I ran one. And it was only because if I didn't we would not have enough food in our cabinets to make dinner.
  • Tomorrow is Evan's first birthday! Holy cow! More on that tomorrow...
  • My BFF at work is driving me crazy. She wants to do lunch all of the time. After spending 8 hours a day talking to people, I really like my lunch to be a time where I don't have to talk to anyone. I think she's at that age where eating by yourself means you're a loser. Or perhaps it still does and I've just embraced my loser status. Anyway, BFF has officially made it on my poop list.
  • I didn't write about this on my blog but for the last two months I have not been able to find Pillsbury Orange Rolls ANYWHERE. At first it was a simple, "Hmm, they must be out of them this week." Then it turned into a slight obsession, which led to me looking on Pillsbury's website to see if they were still being made. I'd just about decided we were going to have to move back to Tulsa (several friends saw them at their stores) when I peered into the case yesterday and FOUND THEM. I might have shouted in Walmart, I honestly don't know. It was glorious. So I scooped up two (I'm not going to admit to you how many I considered taking), and happily went on my way. Way to go, Dallas. I was really dreading another move.
That's it for now. Sorry it's been awhile!


The Emerson's said...

I am so glad to see you are still alive and well:) I totally know about wanting to eat lunch by youself! And, welcome to the twilight world! I had a really hard time committing to the books, but after I jumped, I was hooked;) Happy Halloween!

Jax said...

Happy birthday, Thumbs! And so glad you liked Twilight.. I agree..I was like "this is going to be cheestatic.." and some parts were.. but for the most part, I wanted to be Bella and I wanted Eric to be Edward. So are you moving on to New Moon?! My friend warned me.. and I'm glad she did.. You might be a little pissy at party of New Moon, but it still won't disappoint! It's just a little darker than Twilight in some regards (as dark as a preteen novel can get I suppose) hahahah.. :) But, still fabtastic!

And Happy Birthday to Evan! :)

Suzanne said...

Edward Cullen is wonderful! There were times when I would get mad at Bryan for not doing what Edward would have done. Ridiculous, I know. Happy birthday Thumbs and Evan!! Have a great Halloween. Oh and Pillsbury orange rolls are AH-MAZING!

Jennifer said...

I remember having a very honest conversation with Jeff in which I told him I was very upset he wasn't a vampire that kinda wanted to taste my blood (because naturally I smelled amazing) but resisted because he was so madly in love with me. After typing this I realize I'm still kinda pissed about it.


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