Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quite The Eclectic Post


Before I write anything else, I'd like to announce that I finished the church's annual report. 36 pages of annual reporting. The good news--I'm not responsible for writing all of it. The bad news--I have to make sure 20 people DO write and submit it to me by a certain time so I can make everything look graphically pleasing. Everyone hates the report (and therefore hates me) so I dread January when I make the weekly, "Make sure you get your reports to me no later than ----" announcements and receive 20 disgusted faces. One year I received a death threat. Enough about that. It is DONE. WOOOOOHOOO!

So the doctor's appointment on Friday was not what I was hoping to hear. I either have kidney stones, a tumor, or nothing. McBaldy and I are both 99% sure it is nothing, but I have to go back in a month and get dye injected into me along with a c-scan just to make sure. Dye injection = needles and IVs. Oh Good Lord I'm going to throw up. I tried to take a picture of my x-ray and upload it on here because it shows my gorgeous spine. I'm considering sending it to Sesame Street so they have a prop when they say, "This episode was brought to you by the letter S." Unfortunately, the picture didn't turn out so good and Michael thought it was a bit pg-13 rated anyway due to the location of the x-ray. Oh well.

Dinner Friday night was great! We had an 8p reservation but when we gave them our name they didn't have it on the list. Apparently Michael and I looked sincere enough because they went ahead and added us. We sat down and had a great time people watching (sidenote: 70-year-old men that date 25-year-old girls make me want to ralph). They soon announced, "Hayden, party of 2!" I waited a bit and thought, "That's what happened, they spelled our name incorrectly the other day!" Just as I started to stand up, the Haydens appeared. Bummer. A few minutes later they called out, "Gaynes, party of 2!" I gave Michael a knowing smile as I started to stand up again (realizing their error) but no, the Gaynes made their entrance. Odd. The Gaynes, Haynes, and Haydens all had 8p reservations. Small world.

Saturday we rented a movie, had a great home-cooked meal, and a nice bottle of wine. I continued the weekend festivities on Sunday by baking a cake and picking up some leftover tulips--15 for $5. What a steal!

So ends the weekend of lurv. Michael actually worked a bit on Saturday and Sunday so Thumbs received quite a bit of that lurv. She seemed pleased.

You know what's great about the end of Valentine's Day? February (aka the worst month in the history of months) is now more than halfway over. I love it!


Emily said...

Ok.. I didnt know anything about your drs apt and I follow your blog daily.. hmmmmm..... I will keep you in my prayers... Im glad McBaldy thinks nothing is wrong...
U guys got luckier than the neurohrs.... with your reservations:( Lastly, I heard I get to see you tomorrow;) hooray! I am really excited about that! Hoooraayyyyyy!!!!

Leslie said...

15 bucks for tulips!?! That is a steal! And I love that you love cake.


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