Monday, June 15, 2015

Favorite Things

It's been a long time since I've done one of these, so I thought it'd be fun to include my summer essentials!  Here are some of my very favorite things right now....

1. J. Crew 3" Chino Shorts (Currently 30% off)
I've been living in these shorts all summer.   Perfect cut, perfect length (they also make 4" if you prefer a little longer!), and look great with a tank or a chambray button-up with the sleeves rolled up.  Cannot get enough of them.

2.  Toms Youth Classics
That's right, I said YOUTH!  When Michael and I visited Rosemary Beach, I saw these cute shoes... and then realized I was in the kids section.  The salesperson told me as long as my feet were 8.5 or smaller, a youth size should fit.  Sure enough, I tried on a pair and they fit perfectly.  Bonus: They cost $20 less than adult sizes.  What makes it even better? ("Meredith, how is that even possible?")  They make the same design for toddlers so Sloane and I could match!! Haven't bought them for her yet but I plan to do so when Michael isn't looking.  ;)  (FYI - I normally wear a 7.5 and these are a youth size 4.5.)

3. Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette
My friends and I had a Christmas Favorites Exchange and Ashley brought this for the group.  I was a little hesitant at first (the colors are, well... a little naked looking), but I absolutely love it.  Goes on nicely and stays on all day.  I use the four colors on the left and leave the two on the right alone. :)

4. Saving Grace Hair Powder - Blonde
I was recently introduced to this and wish I would've found it 2.5 years ago!  It's a natural mineral powder that works to absorb oil and cover roots.  So far (knock on wood), I don't have any grey hairs yet, but now that I'm blonde again I do have roots.  This powder is also perfect for those of us who like to wash our hair twice a week.  :)  I use the mini kabuki brush to apply -  the whole process is so easy and works so well!

5. About Time
If we've talked in the last week, I've told you to watch this movie.  It's incredible.  Sweet, funny, and the message sticks with you.  I haven't cried that hard in months.  And it's the best kind of cry - all of the good emotions.  Rent it.  Buy it.  Watch it with the lights off so no one has to see your ugly cry face when the credits roll.

6.  Nanette Lepore Maharaja Goddess Swimsuit
Carrying 14 lbs of babies did a number on the ol' stomach (and I would do it again in a heartbeat - we all know this).  Thanks to a lovely umbilical hernia, I tend to veer toward one pieces these days.  However!  When they look like this, I don't mind it so much because I don't feel like Frumps McGee.  Thanks to Lord & Taylor and several discounts, I got this suit for almost half of its original price.  Woohoo!

Your turn - what are your favorite things right now?


The Joiners said...

Ditto to "About Time" - loved it! Also, I have the same Naked palette and I'd love to see you start sporting the black eyeshadow ;)

Emily said...

I never knew that about the TOMS! I bought a pair a while back that were too big (I'm between 6.5-7 and I bought a 7, and should've bought a 6.5), and have procrastinated on getting another pair.

Now for a more random question... how do you wash your chinos? I bought J. Crew's shorts last summer and after the first wash, they were always wrinkled and lost their shape. It got so bad I even sent them to be dry cleaned! Because of that, I spent the extra $ for Lily Pulitzer this summer but would love to go back to J. Crew if I could figure out how to wash them properly.

Aubrey said...

Had to laugh out loud about the mama one-piece. Mel and I were surreptitiously lifting up our tankinis and comparing our belly button damage just the other day. We strongly suspect hernias, but neither of us has received confirmation from a medical professional. :)


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