Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jude & Sloane | 23 Months

Jude Sullivan... talking!  I realize he's been talking for awhile, but we've noticed major improvement this month.  I don't know if it's MDO or things just started to click, but we're so proud of him!

...loves to give kisses.  He will run towards Sloane like he is going to tackle her and then stop short and give her the sweetest kiss.  (And then he tackles her.)

...has turned into a jumping machine.  He wants you to count to three beforehand, which gives him time to prepare.  He squats all the way to the ground ("doooown") and then leaps into the air ("up!!").

...really enjoys MDO.  And his teachers seem to really enjoy him.  He loves helping them with tasks and is quite the cuddler.  I'm not a teacher so I don't know if that last part is a good thing or not.  But his cuddles really are the best.

...lightly bops Sloane on the head and says, "No!" if she does something he doesn't like.  We're working on this (though most of the time it is well-deserved).

...has turned the carseat into a game.  A game this mama does not enjoy.  As soon as one of us puts him in it, he tries to slither his way down/out.  And my gosh he's strong.

...can officially crawl out of his crib.  Most mornings I hear "Mama!" and that is my warning. If I don't get there quick enough he's straddling the bar (not terrifying at all).  He's yet to drop, I think he just likes to get a rise out of me.  Once we move to the new house I think we're going to remove one side of their cribs.  :(

...Chewed a hole in his elephant pacifier.  I was scared he'd swallow a part of the pacifier so I cut it off before naptime.  Devastated doesn't even begin to describe it.  No other pacifier would do and he cried for a solid 45 minutes.  The elephant has seen him through every nap since he was 6 months old.  He falls asleep rubbing its ear.  Needless to say, I cried too.

...has such a sweet tooth.  Waffles?  Gross.  Waffles with syrup?  Delicious.  Bread?  Gross.  Bread with honey?  Amazing.

...wants to be outside all of the time.  No matter how long he's outside, he cries once it's time to go in.  I am SO excited for the big backyard - he is going to LOVE it!

...makes me so, so happy.  I tell him this every single day and when he's old enough, I want him to read it here as well.


Sloane Elisabeth...

... has an opinion on everything.  If I start singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and she's not in the mood, she will run up to me, furrow her brow, vehemently shake her head and say, "No, no, no."  5 minutes later she can't get enough of the song.

...adores MDO.  I have to give her a hug 20 feet from the room because the second she sees the door she bolts.  I am grateful for this and not the slightest bit jealous (ahem). fiercely independent.  She plays alone well and oftentimes prefers it.  Her brother loves playing right next to her so this can be quite tricky.

...loves to dress (and undress) herself.  She doesn't always get it right (pants are easily confused with sleeves) but it's pretty dang cute to watch her try. absolutely hilarious.  I think she is going to have a dry sense of humor and her comedic timing is spot on. 

...mimics Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" video perfectly.  Jude & Sloane both love this song so for three weeks straight we watched the video 2-3 times a day.  One day we were playing and I said something about a brain.  She did this valley girl finger point to the side of her tilted head. I had no idea she knew what a brain was or where it was located until I played the song that afternoon and watched Taylor Swift do the exact same thing.  This time I watched Sloane mimic several of the dance moves, half of them a second before the dancer did them.  Amazing.

...loves to use her plastic toy rings as heels.  She steps into them and then prances (yes, prances) around the room. ready to be potty-trained.  Her mama is not ready (and neither is Jude).  I'm not sure when this will happen but for now I'm using the "let them be little" phrase as my excuse.

...has a catchphrase and it is "Uh oh..."  She uses it at appropriate times but I've also noticed she uses it to start conversations.  I think she realizes saying "Uh oh" will get her mama and dada's attention every time. a total spider monkey.  When I hold her she wraps her arms and legs around me and it is the best feeling in the entire world.  Except when it's 95 degrees outside.   Fall is going to be great!

...made our family complete.  Baby girl, you are so loved.

I know she's not happy in this picture, but allow me to introduce you to Sassy Sloaney.

Love you both! Here's to one more month of being one.  Love- Mama


Laura said...

I know I say this every month, but I love these update posts! They are so cute and seem to have such fun personalities! There are so many transitions around this age that you talked about--moving out of a crib, potty training, pacifier can get stressful thinking about it! But at the same time, I LOVE the 2 year old age too! Anyways, great pictures, and adorable kiddos!!

Heather said... only gets better from here! More fun to be had and more {parenting twins} challenges to come.


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