Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mother's Day Out

Mother's Day Out (MDO) began this week and I wish I could say I was sad, scared and restless about the whole thing.  But no.  I was SO EXCITED.  I don't think I need to convince anyone that Jude & Sloane are my BFFs and two of my greatest joys, but after almost two years... Mama needed a break.

This is how I expected the day to go...
9 am: Children arrive on time to MDO and have a long, sentimental goodbye that ends with me pulling one off of each leg and wiping a single tear from my cheek.
9:15 am: Attend mandatory MDO meeting, run a quick errand for the McKinney house, pick up donuts
10 am: Enjoy coffee and two donuts
10:30 am - 1:45 PM: Wash four loads of laundry, make pumpkin muffins, work on Twin Talk, take a nap, get clothes ready for Instagram sale, relax
2 pm: Pick up kids and hear wonderful words from their new teachers

Here is how the day went....
8:45 am: Applaud myself for leaving on time
8:48 am: Realize I left their pacifiers at home.  Turn around and go back.
9:05 am: Arrive to MDO.  Late.
9:07 am: Jude & Sloane see their room and run straight in.  Don't look back.  Never look back.  No sentimental hugs.  No tears.
9:15 am: Attend mandatory MDO meeting, run a quick errand for the house, pick up donuts, get stuck in traffic
10:30 am:  Enjoy 1/2 of my coffee and 1 donut
11:00 am: Receive a call that a realtor wants to show our disaster of a home in 45 minutes (!!!)
11:01 am: Panic.  Clean.  Clean, clean, clean.  The house hasn't been in this bad of shape in two weeks.
11:44 am: Leave house with one minute to spare
12:45 pm: Return home.  Potential buyers are still looking at our house (from the outside) so I wait until they leave before I pull into the garage.
12:55 pm: Finally walk in the door.  Look at my checklist.  Laundry (not done), muffins (not done), Twin Talk (not done), nap (definitely not done), Instagram sale (yeah right), relax (HA)
1 pm:  Work on Twin Talk's post
1:45 pm: Leave to pick up kids
2 pm: Pick up kids and hear wonderful words from their new teachers  (!!!!)

The first day of MDO wasn't my dream day, but it was for the kids.  They had a great time and got glowing reports from their teachers.  Sloane made herself right at home and was the class leader (if you're privy to my scholastic history, you know this news made me so proud).  Jude was extra cuddly and the teacher's helper - he threw everyone's trash away.  :)   I could've listened to them talk about my kids all day.  They worked on numbers, colors, and shapes, and learned about the first few days of creation.  I gave Jude & Sloane huge hugs and we made our way home.

I think this MDO thing is everything it's cracked up to be and I'm so excited to watch them grow, learn, and meet new friends.  I'm also so excited to cover our fridge in every single craft (x2) they bring home!

 First Day of School Pictures:

This was a big week for all of us.  I'm now solely in charge of Twin Talk, which makes me a bit nervous but also really excited for all that's to come.  Twin Talk has been such a positive part of my life and I can't wait to watch it grow.  I wrote more about this (and being a mom) here

Here's to new beginnings for all of us! 

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Alexis Cass said...

So sweet! I'm wondering if I made a mistake not doing MDO this year. I keep seeing all of these awesome reports and man it sounds nice!


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