Monday, June 2, 2014

Jude & Sloane | 19 Months

Jude Sullivan...

..loves to laugh.  He's been voted, "Best Belly Laugh" by anyone who's heard it.

...continues to lose the baby fat.  He's still a big boy, but that's just it.  He's a boy.  Goodbye baby.  :(

...adores music and dancing.  Loves to clap his hands and rock back and forth.  His favorite song on Youtube is "Hey Jude."  Go figure.

...Loves giving his sister hugs (and they will finally hold hands when you ask)!  He thinks you hug someone from the back so he walks up and puts his arms around her, which is terribly sweet but he inevitably knocks her over.  No problem, he just crawls on her back.  By this point she is in tears.

...still has 16 teeth but his hand is in his mouth constantly so I'm searching for the two-year-old molars.  He's always been so ahead with his teeth that I imagine these will come early as well.

...has become quite good at puzzles.  This happened overnight.  He now enjoys them and will complete a few before he decides it's time for something else.  His favorite is the shapes puzzle - he always puts the circle in first, typically followed by the pentagon.

...has finally started talking more.  Don't get me wrong, he talks all of the time, but using actual words has been slow for sure.  He appears to have a bit of a speech impediment, just like his mama did.  I see speech therapy in our future. stubborn.  He wants to do it his way and he is NOT happy if you disagree.  He pitches a small fit and then seems to be over it. adapting to utensils.  I think the most frustrating part for everyone is we don't know if he favors left or right so we're not sure how to help.  He seems to prefer left but is better with his right.

...loves to lay on my lap, belly down, while he watches tv (picture below).  He is my little lap dog and I adore it.

...was the proud owner of his first scraped knee.  He tripped on the sidewalk and busted it pretty badly.  We didn't even know about it until we saw blood on his shorts.  Tough guy for sure.

...appears to be a water baby.  He enjoys when dad throws him high in the air or spins him around.  We're putting them both in swim lessons in June so we will hopefully ALL be prepared for Sanibel in July!

...loves life.  He loves to explore, learn, and find out everything he can about his surroundings.  He does all of this while running, laughing, and using big hand gestures.  I hope this reckless abandon lasts forever.

Sloane Elisabeth....

...has been waking up earlier than usual and naps are shorter than ever.  Baby girl, you need your sleep.  For your sake.  For my sake.  For everyone's sake.

...figured out how to take off her sleepsack and does this every chance she gets.  We have now turned it around so the zipper is in the back, which makes her look like a tiny patient in a straight-jacket but it seems to be working.

...has become very, very dramatic.  If she gets stuck somewhere, frustrated with something, or her brother looks at her the wrong way, she brings out the crocodile tears so fast.  It's clearly fake as she is running around and laughing a minute later, but in that moment, it is the worst day of her life.  Oh Sloane.

...talks quite a bit more these days.  She prefers to point but will talk if you coax it out of her.  We've been really working with both of them and have noticed improvement. a pro with the utensils.  I think she's a neater eater than me (although Michael believes this is the case for 99% of America). SO funny.  I have a feeling she is going to have dry wit (my favorite!) and I cannot wait.  She already seems so clever and sneaky.

...continues to be charismatic.  I took the two of them to a children's area at the mall and three children followed her everywhere, desperately trying to hug her or get her attention.  She did not care for the hugs but seemed to enjoy being the leader.  I pray (if this continues) she uses her charisma for good and is a sweet friend to everyone. very OCD.  She still likes everything to be in its place.  Spills, crooked chairs, and spots on her clothes are not acceptable.

....has gained four new teeth and now has 16 total.  Poor girl has been sick for the last week while cutting four teeth.  Pretty rough to say the least.

 ...really enjoys music and dancing.  Maybe not as much as her brother, but right behind him.  She especially loves "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and Pharrell's "Happy."  I think she likes that he wears a hat all of the time too!

...appears to be a water baby as well!  Doesn't have much fear and kept trying to go under the water.  We need those lessons fast!! such a sweetheart.  She waves at everyone (even her reflection and videos of other babies) and adapts to new situations easily.

Love you both!!  -Mama



Amanda said...

The last pic.... oh em gee they remind me of mine! Such adorable little babies, love reading about them!

ashley said...

They are growing up so quick! I feel
Like I was just reading your blog and you were pregnant!

Jenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenn said...

I love that Jude has a particular order to doing puzzles. That's such a cute little thing.

We started using the Tot Clock to help stretch the kids' naps and morning wake time. It has been amazing. H is a little terrorist without enough sleep, so it has been a lifesaver for us.


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