Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Maternity Clothes For Sale THIS SATURDAY!

I'm selling my maternity clothes!  The sale will begin this Saturday (April 6) at 10 am CST.  If there is an item(s) you'd like to purchase you can either leave a comment or email me.  I'm a good (nay, GREAT) secret keeper so if you're pregnant and haven't made the big announcement, simply email me (meredithsclothes@gmail.com) and I promise to keep it between the two of us.  :)  This sale will be on a first come, first served basisAll items are in great condition and several were worn only a few times.  

Most of my clothes were purchased at A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, GAP, and Old Navy. In case you are not familiar with the store, A Pea in the Pod is considered a designer boutique, which is why you'll notice the prices are a little higher for these items.  Most items for sale are size small but there are a few that are XS or M. 

Shipping/Handling will be a flat rate of $5 for one item.   The shipping price will go up $0.75 for each additional item.  This sale is restricted to those making payments through PayPal and with a U.S. shipping address.  Payment is expected within three days of purchase.  All sales are FINAL!

(Do I sound official or what?!)

If you know someone who is pregnant, please be a dear and tell them about the sale.  And if you have any questions, please email me!

Here's a quick snapshot of some of the items for sale.  Please excuse my gigantic belly and puffy face.  Sheesh.

 (Blue Pants only)

See you Saturday!


Kerry said...

Oh I am so excited!!! I love the green and white dress in the second photo and the black and white dress in the last photo! :) Will you include their sizes also when you list them on Saturday? I'm a Large and growing (having twins as well!) at 29 weeks so hopefully I can fit in to some of your stuff! :)

ty said...

I'll send little sister over on Saturday!

Tonya McCrary said...

You are so beautiful and you have great hair!!

Jennifer said...

If we want to purchase, how does tis work? Comment what we're interested in?


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