Monday, April 1, 2013

Jude & Sloane | 5 months

What a fun month it's been!  As much as I miss my tiny newborns, Jude and Sloane's personalities and smiles make this whole growing up process so much easier.

This past month was a big one for all of us.  At the beginning of March I went to St. Louis for three days to celebrate my best friend Emily who is having a baby girl in a few weeks!  I missed my little family while I was away but it was a wonderful visit and I'm so glad I was able to go.  It also gave Michael some extra bonding time with the babies and he did an amazing job taking care of them.  He was sweet enough to text multiple pictures each day so I didn't miss a thing.

Eating remains fairly consistent these days with the twins eating every 3-4 hours.  I'm still breastfeeding one at a time and then we give them a 7 ounce bottle before bed.  Bedtime is still 7:30p and (so far) we haven't felt the need to bump it up any earlier.  Unfortunately, 4:30a has been a fun hour for one (or both) of them to wake up ready to eat again.  I'm not sure they could eat much more than 7 ounces before bed so I don't really know how to solve this problem (suggestions are welcomed).  After they eat they go back down for a few more hours and we officially start the day around 8a.  Since they are both rolling front/back and back/front (more on that below!), they are both stomach sleepers.  We still put them down on their backs but they almost immediately flip to their stomachs.  Jude is a pro at the stomach sleeping while Sloane still gets a little apprehensive when she wakes up and everything looks a little different.  Their sleep seems to be better and more consistent so I'm going with it.

Naps are still going well and are still very necessary.  Right now they usually take three naps a day and they range anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours.  It's very easy for them to get off schedule because one (almost always Jude) will sleep longer than the other but I try my best to get them back on schedule as quickly as possible.  Jude will wake up and easily put himself back to sleep.  When Sloane wakes up (regardless of how long it has been), naptime is over.

I purchased some rice cereal last week but we've yet to give it a try.  While breastfeeding is time-consuming, it's so easy and convenient.  I realize, however, convenience for me is not necessarily best for the babies so my hope is to give it a try in the next few weeks.  They watch Michael and me eat with such interest!

Sloane rolled from stomach to back last month but wasn't able to roll from back to stomach--instead she did this crazy back arch that looked very uncomfortable.  Jude hadn't rolled either way so I was spending extra tummy time with him.  On March 15, Sloane rolled from back to stomach for the first time.  As I was cheering for her, Jude decided it was time and rolled from stomach to back for the first time!  It was a really great moment and I was so glad I was there for it!  Three days later, Jude rolled from back to stomach and became a pro almost immediately.  Neither of them care to be on their backs these days so they're almost always on their stomachs.  They've got some strong necks!

The twins also experienced their first colds.  Sloane came down with it first and I felt awful for the poor girl.  She kept a great attitude but couldn't breathe through her nose for almost a week.  As soon as she started feeling better, Jude came down with it as well (I knew he was bound to get it so I didn't even try to keep them separated).  We purchased a humidifier for the nursery, which definitely helped.

They're also getting better at sitting.  Neither can sit unassisted for long at all.  Jude has it down a little better than Sloane.  When I try to put her in the sitting position she grabs her feet and grins.  Doesn't bode well for balance but sure looks cute.

Jude and Sloane have both developed a tiny bit of a jealous streak.  They now notice when mom is holding their sibling (this is especially true when they're eating) and don't always like it.  I can usually distract them with a toy.  Regardless, they do seem happier when they're next to one another.  I love to sit back and watch them interact.

Both are drooling quite a bit but no sign of teeth just yet!  Anything in their reach makes its way to their mouths.

Dear Jude,
Sweet mama's boy, you have been so much fun this past month!  You still have such a chill attitude (unless hungry or sleepy) and love to smile at friends and family.  Notice I said friends and family--you've become a bit more reserved around strangers.  You study them intently but don't always give them a smile right away.  You tend to warm up quickly but gone are the days when you smiled at everyone who looked your way.  You're still happy to be held by anyone and always get great reports at the church nursery.

Your hair, buddy.  I am obsessed.  One of my favorite things about your daddy is his hair.  I always called it baby penguin hair because it sticks straight up and is SO soft.  At least for the moment, yours is the exact same way.  It has gotten so much lighter and fuller and I am constantly kissing your head and rubbing my cheek against it.  Your eyes are a light blue and your skin is quite pale!  You're wearing size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes.  The rolls on your arms and legs go on for days and I can't get enough of them.

You absolutely love to stand on our legs and it's the surest way to get a giggle out of you.  When you're upset I have a song I made up and it almost always cheers you up... at least temporarily.  When you are tired you stick your thumb in your mouth and we know it's naptime.  You still take a pacifier at bedtime but it comes out almost immediately.

We have a Laugh & Learn Puppy and you ADORE it.  As soon as I turn it on your face lights up and you are mesmerized. 

You truly are a mama's boy and this mama couldn't be happier.  I'm not sure how I got so lucky but you seem to think I'm pretty special.  And I, in turn, think you are the absolute greatest little boy in the world.

Dear Sloane,
Little Daddy's girl!  Holy cow, I thought I had a crush on your dad but you're giving me a run for my money!  Your personality has just exploded this month.  You talk nonstop and smile at absolutely everyone.  And your smile, sweet girl, is phenomenal.  It starts at your eyes and goes all the way down to your toes.

You're still a wiggler but I am determined to get a picture of you with all body parts in focus.  Until then, it is so much fun to sit back and watch you move all over the place.  On a similar note, you must know all that is going on around you so you get frustrated if your view is obstructed. 

I took you to the pediatrician this month because your eczema had gotten so bad on your face and the back of your head.  She gave us a prescription steroid cream that cleared it up in two days and gave you some serious relief.  We're hoping this is something you grow out of fairly quickly because it's definitely uncomfortable for you, which we hate to see.

Your hair is still very short but is starting to fill in a bit.  It looks pretty dark and definitely has some wave or curl in it!  Your eyes are a dark blue/grey and your skin is quite a bit darker than Jude's!  You're wearing size 2 diapers and can fit in both 3-6 month (a little snug) and 6-12 month (a little big) clothes.

You love to scratch things, especially your crib sheet, exersaucer, and carseat!  I'm not sure if it's a texture thing or what, but it's pretty funny and keeps me from having to trim/file your nails so thank you for that! 

When you're ready for bed you rub your eyes and lay your head down on the quilt.  You've really enjoyed sleeping on your stomach or side but since you started you've woken up several times in a bit of a panic.   We can typically calm you down by giving you your pacifier and rubbing your back.  I also have a song I made up for you that gets a smile almost every time. 

No matter what kind of night/nap you've had, I always know when I pick you up I'm going to see your beautiful smile.  And when your dad comes home from work, the squealing that commences is downright adorable.   Everyone around you disappears and you only have eyes for him.  You are an absolute joy and make us so happy. 

I can't wait to see you two every morning and I miss you desperately as soon as you go to sleep. 

Quite possibly my favorite picture ever...

Easter 2013

Baby cheeks x2!


Laura said...

I love reading about these two and their development! Even though Nolan is only a little ahead of them in age, it seems that they are growing and changing at lightning speed! Nolan also scratches everything, and it's so quirky and cute :) I don't have any magic tricks to help J/S sleep through the night, as I'm still getting up with Nolan around 4:30 as well. I'm not saying that to discourage you, but just to say you're not alone! Ems started to sleep through the night on her own around 9 months, so I'm just waiting for the same thing to happen with Nolan.

I think Jude and Sloane just get cuter and sweeter with every month that passes!

Lindsey said...

I love your updates! I've always gone in around my bedtime (10-11) to get the baby out of the bed to give a feeding and then put them back when they are finished. That way the longest stretch is while you are sleeping. I can't believe they can take 7oz! The most either of my girls ever take/took is 4.5 maybe 5 oz. they are such great sleepers. Camly is just now starting to get better. Last week, at 6 months, she finally decided she could sleep without being swaddled and that the crib really isn't all that bad.

Lindsey said...

I drop that (10-11) feed after about 10 months of age. I'll try to drop it and then if they wake up early I will keep doing it and try the next month. Usually after 10 months they shouldn't need it. Milan was done with it at 11 months.

Anonymous said...


I found your blog via another blog. I love the smocked dresses and bows you put your daughter in. Where do you shop for them?


Ashley said...

They are absolutely precious!! Their smiles just melt me. I love hearing how they've been changing each month!

Cara Fulkerson said...

I love reading your updates. I found your blog via Amber Massey. I am expecting identical twins in Sept and am very nervous. Reading your blog has eased my nerves some. I love seeing how your babies grow and they are just the cutest & you look GREAT!
I'm no nursing expert but my son (now 2) nursed until he was 11 months and I would dream feed right before he went to bed. We'd have his nightly nursing session when he went down (7:30/8) and then I'd go in and get him to nurse while he was still asleep around 11, before I went to bed. He would stir for a second while I got him latched on but immediately fell back asleep and continued to eat. That seemed to help get a few more hours out of him, just to top off the tank. He pretty much slept through the whole thing but got plenty to eat. He was sleeping through the night at 4.5 months on once I started the dream feeds. My lactation consultant gave me that trick:) Hope it helps.

Leslie said...

Love these two!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have two insanely adorable babies!!!

~Gina N.

Heidi {Tales From a Suburban Housewife} said...

You take great pictures of your babies...they are adorable. You look great btw:)

The Echols Family said...

Seriously, so much cuteness I can't stand it! Love your sweet letters to your babes, and all of the priceless photos of them together!

Brianne Bracco said...

Those smiles!! They are so precious!

Trish said...

Bah! I just realized I never left a comment on this post even though I've looked at the pictures a million times. I HAD to say how much I love the picture with Michael and the babies around his head. He looks so in love. And I can't get over the sibling love. Makes me excited for Elle to have a sibling (even if I don't think she'll be so loving the first little while...)


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