Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Babies - 28 Weeks

We had the Perinatologist and OB appointments this morning and both went really well!

First up, the babies...

Sloane and Jude look great!  Both are about 2 weeks ahead of schedule and weigh a whopping 3 pounds each.  I know that doesn't sound like much but with twins you want them as big as possible since they won't make it to 40 weeks.  The doctor was very pleased with their progress and didn't have any concerns.  Praise the Lord!

We take the same DVD to each visit and the doctor records the entire scan.  I took a picture of the scan to show you how close their heads are to one another (both are currently head down).

 Jude & Sloane - view of the top of their heads!

BFFs for sure.  In Jude's defense, while his head truly is HUGE he is closer to the camera so that is why his head appears to be twice the size of Sloane's.  :)  The most noticeable difference this time around is both of them are now getting some fat on their bones.  Their little legs were so round this time whereas typically they're sticks!

Directly afterward I had my monthly OB appointment.  I was pretty nervous about drinking the glucose stuff but it wasn't bad at all.  I wouldn't put it at the top of my all-time favorite beverages but definitely not a big deal.  Unfortunately, the doctor told me women carrying twins have a much higher failure rate so I'm not holding out much hope.  We'll see.  Blood pressure and weight gain are right on track and she seemed pleased with my progress.  I think I've had some Braxton Hicks contractions lately but I'm honestly not sure.  Still no swelling or stretch marks.  We'll see how long that lasts.  :)

From now on I will continue to see the Perinatologist once a month (two more times) and will start seeing my OB every other week.  There was no mention of bed rest and as of now she thinks I will make it to 38 weeks.  I don't think that's possible because (at the rate they're growing) they will each weigh around 8 pounds at 38 weeks.  I'm not sure I can handle 16 pounds of babies! :/ Michael and I have always said we want them to make it to October and will be ecstatic with any "bonus" days they decide to give us. 

Since I truly believe I will fail my glucose test I decided to pig out (while I still can) and had Taco Bell for lunch.

Glucose drink + Taco Bell = Terrible Decision

I am now drinking water by the buckets in hopes that my body will forgive me. 

10 weeks (at most) to go!  We are super excited to meet our babies!


Ashley said...

Yay for healthy babies!! I can't believe how big they are!

Melissa said...

ha. it's funny cause i remember my first glucose test being "really?! why do people make such a big deal out this?? it's only a drink (which you can even hold your nose through) and it's not like they make you drink gallons of it??" and then within about an hour, i felt SOOOO nauseated and that continued pretty much all day. so yeah - taco bell not so much of a good idea. :) loving the "uneventful" appointments!!! :)

Jax said...

I love your Taco Bell pig out post glucose test. Awesome. Sarah Habiger failed hers the first time around and was DETERMINED not to fail it with baby number two. Pretty funny. Oh and your mention of bed rest reminds me.. Get this.. Eric's co-worker's wife..who is younger than we are.. is having triplets and had to go one bed rest in the middle of her 2nd trimester! ANd it's MEDICAL bed rest, so she can't even shower without asking someone and is permanently in the hospital. Eek! It's all worth it for the little ones, I'm sure, but wow. Okay, I have no idea why I told you that super random story about a person you don't know. Eh well... What I meant to add was that I'm glad you're healthy, not on bed rest, looking adorable, and doing really well. :)

Mom's the Word said...

Don't worry too much about the glucose test (I hope I don't sound ignorant in saying this, because I don't know if it's different for a mother of twins). But between 50 to 70% of mothers tested, if retested, would get a different result. It's not all that reliable!


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