Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Highlights from the twins first trimester:

-First flight:  We flew to Chicago in early April to celebrate Braden's first birthday and Easter.
-First concert:  Saw Death Cab for Cutie (along with Magik Magik Orchestra) in Dallas.  Lucky babies--we'll be attending our next concert (Snow Patrol) tomorrow!
-First announcement:  After much trepidation, we made the "big announcement" on Facebook and the blog and were absolutely overwhelmed from all the love and support we received from friends and family.
-First maternity shopping spree:  Hello elastic waistband!
-First time with dad away:  Michael flew to Eagan, Minnesota to attend training for his new job.  The kiddos were nice enough to keep me company.
-First Wedding Shower:  We had a large group over to our house to celebrate Wes and Nathalia's upcoming nuptials!
-First meeting of potential new friends: baby Luca, baby Dalton, and baby Logan
-First self-administered shots:  That's right, this mama has been giving herself Lovenox injections (blood thinners) for several months now!  What used to be a huge fear is now no big deal.
 -First wedding and road trip:  We drove to Tulsa this past weekend to celebrate the marriage of two TU friends.  This also led to first wedding cake and first dance-off ("Lovely Lady Lumps" with my best friends pointing to my stomach was a true highlight)

These don't really qualify as "firsts" but are still noteworthy Tri-1 happenings:
-Michael started a new job and is really enjoying it!
-I turned 30!

Kreston & Kerri's Wedding (and my 30th birthday) in Tulsa
Few days shy of 14 weeks


Candace said...

what wonderful "firsts" ;) and, y'all look ADORABLE! love that dress!

Amber said...

Yay! I don't know how I missed these last few posts, but I'm seriously soooo happy for you two! Kinda makes me want to have twins... ha ha. Please post how horrible your back pain is during the third trimester so I change my mind ;) Congrats!

Jax said...

I love all these firsts! And happy belated birthday by the way, girl! I can't remember if I facebooked you or not. Blerg. You look so gorgeous. I am in love with that dress and your fantastic glow. You look so happy and that makes me so happy to see!! :)

Ashley said...

Yay for all of these firsts! You look gorgeous!


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