Monday, July 4, 2011

Breakdown in Numbers

How do I write a single post to catch you up on the last two months of our lives? It would go on for days if I included each and every detail, and I'm not sure you or my computer (or my fingers) are up for that. So I bring you the numbers. Pictures will come later.

7.4.11 - Today's date! Happy 4th of July to you!

29 - Age I turned on May 12. It was a wonderful birthday. Reality has now set in and I wake up each day knowing a cane and dentures are one step closer to knocking on my door.

16.2 - Lbs Little Miss Thumbs Magee weighs. We took her in for her annual checkup and they told us to watch her food intake. Do they think we feed her a bag of cat food every day and that's why she's fat? I'm insulted.

40 - % off at the Loft. Which brings me to my next frustration--one of my absolute favorite things to do is show Michael my new purchases and then proudly proclaim how much I saved. He, on the other hand, does not care. I have begged and pleaded for him to act excited when I tell him I saved more than I paid but it does not phase him in the least. Is this a guy/girl thing?

2 - Times we've been to South Carolina. Both for beautiful weddings, both awesome places. We think we might retire in Greenville, SC.

57 - Hours I worked in one week, which is a personal record for me. I know there are people who do this every week and to them I ask: How are you still alive?

22 - Sausage rolls I consumed in our building's cafe. Stress makes some people stop eating. For others (ahem, me) it makes me eat total crap. All of the time.

4 - Years I've had this blog. Had my anniversary sometime in June.

1 - Sofa purchased for our upstairs living room. Also 1: sofa in our upstairs living room that we now need to sell. Interested?

6 - Games it took for the Dallas Mavericks to win the national championship. And I watched (at least part of) all of them. Go Mavs! And hooray for Dallas!

96 - Items I've pinned on Pinterest. In 2 days. I joined the site in May but wouldn't let myself look at it until after busy season because I knew I'd be addicted.

10.20 - We booked a trip! On this day we'll be flying to Cali to spend time in San Francisco and Napa/Sonoma. See also: Our 4th anniversary.

5 - Books I've read since mid-May. Highly recommend One Day by David Nicholls. Beautiful writing (and the movie is coming out next month)!

5,000 - Times Michael saved the day/house/cat because his exhausted wife could only stare at a wall after work.

I think that about sums (get it?!) it up. I'm sure I'm missing something but I think we'll both survive.

It's great to be back! How I have missed this dear ol' blog! And each of YOU!


Laura said...

Welcome back! I've been missing your posts, but I know how busy and stressful this time of year is for you at work. Your trip sounds perfectly wonderful-I've been wanting to go there for awhile--I'll have to live vicariously through you :)

I think we are WAY overdue for a girl's dinner with you, me and Karen...sans kiddos :)

Ashley said...

Yayyy!! So glad you're back! Lee never understands saving money on sales. He looks at it more like, if there wasn't a sale, I wouldn't have bought anything, so we lost money, if that makes sense. Boys are dumb. South Carolina is my FAVORITE ever!! I love it there!

Jax said...

I am so glad busy season is ovah! I've missed your blogging! And also, Eric and I just booked San Fran later this year, too! We'll be there in late summer though, after Alove's wedding. I was hoping we'd get up to Napa, but I doubt we will since we're also going to be in LA for 3 days/nights.. aka $$$ all together. A day trip might be in order though. :) And happy bloggiversary! Isn't it weird to think we've been at this for so long? Crazy.

Kaitlin said...

I told you Pinterest was amazing!! :) Maybe Thumbs & George should start an animal boot camp is NOT what we're feeding them! Welcome back.

Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael said...

I love you, but saying the Mavericks won the national championship makes you someone that uses the phrase 'sports games'.


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