Monday, May 2, 2011

What Time Is It?!

Yep, it's busy season.

I know you're all thinking, "Wow, didn't she just finish busy season?"

No? No one was thinking that? Just me?

Twice a year I tend to crawl in my turtle shell and disappear for awhile but by the looks of my dear ol' blog this has been the case for the past 6 months.

The good news? I am much more calm about things this time around. I've done this once before, which most assuredly does not make me a pro but does help me sleep better at night. Well that and the heavy dose of Benadryl (I kid, I kid).

My work friends and I went on another shoot this weekend (my mom asked me not to kill anyone and I had to tell her this was the OTHER type of shooting--one that does not involve guns) so I'll post the pictures in the next few days.

However! Since I tend to be behind the camera as of late, here's a few of yours truly looking pale, two weeks shy of 29, and puffy haired. Damn you humidity! Daaaaamn you!

Also, below is a link of pictures from our time in Austin and New Braunfels. I believe that weekend deserves a post as well.... we'll see how it goes. Let's just say I could move to Austin tomorrow and be happy.

See ya later alligators!

Taken with a Lens, baby. (Kidding--it's called a "Lensbaby")
Texas hair.

I might have wrinkles and loose skin, but I have fun shoes (I can already hear my brother saying, "WHAT are THOSE?!" And my reply? Shut your face.)

Bonus points if you can figure out what I'm doing... (Hint: It's rude, crude, and socially unacceptable)

CLICK HERE for pictures of Austin, Texas and Tony & Mo's wedding in New Braunfels


Kaitlin said...

Boo for busy season, but at least I get to see you next weekend!!! And, love the shoes (and the pics!) :)

J.B. said...

I would just like to point out that I have no problems with those shoes whatsoever (except maybe the price?). We can talk about the sweater later... ;)

Leslie said...

I was thinking exactly what you said, "Didn't you just finish busy season???" Hang in there! And the shoes are hot!

Candace said...

sorry for the busy season! hope it passes quickly :)

p.s. the photos are great and i l-o-v-e those shoes! details please!

Ashley said...

I WAS thinking "didn't she just finish busy season?" Booo busy season. It's the reason I left public accounting. Well, one reason anyway :) You look gorgeous in those pictures! Humidity or not! And, I'm loving those shoes. Loving!


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