Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Post Is About Lethah (Project Runway, Anyone?)

Oh man, you guys are the BEST! Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments re. our living room. I'll admit, a blog can do wonders for your self-esteem. I began this journey over two years ago to document our life together but I've actually met or re-met several of you through this and you're all so kind. So thank YOU and YOU and especially YOU.

So a few fashion tips and a Nordy's update...

Let's talk about boots. You all know they're in style right now. Flat boots. Slouchy boots. Cowboy boots. Thigh-high boots. Booties. High-heeled boots. Shall I continue? I shan't. Anyway, the point is: I have a pair that RULE. This specific pair of boots is the only item I've ever owned that's been complimented EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear them. They're grey, flat boots, comfy as can be, and did I mention I paid $25 for them at Target? They aren't leather but they LOOK like leather. I've had people ask me if I purchased them at Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Nine West, Neiman's, etc. Unfortunately I purchased them last year (about this time!) and then immediately purchased the same pair in brown (I know a good thing when I wear it). However, I am sure Target has the 2009 edition just waiting to be picked up. So go check it out.

Now I know there are some of you who roll your eyes at the thought of non-leather boots. I have a solution for you too. I've had a bit of a spending problem lately (oops) and I believe it has to do with working at a pretty fantastic place with bargains in every direction. I've promised to cut back but it doesn't mean I'm not constantly looking for a great deal. I found one a few weeks ago that's too good not to share. I needed a pair of black, slouchy(ish), flat boots. There were several I found at Nordy's for around $200 but I couldn't justify paying that much (see the above paragraph if you don't understand why). Then I learned something fantastic. Children's shoes go up to a size 6, which is the same as a woman's size 8. Guess who wears a woman's 7.5? This gal. I wandered through the children's section and found a pair of black, slouchy boots that were 100% leather on sale for $59. $59!!! The same pair in the women's section was over $200. I tried them on and did a boot dance. And then, of course, I bought them. So for all of you who have feet that are a size 8 or smaller, keep this in mind next time you're shopping! One other thing I might add, I do have pretty wee calves. These boots still have quite a bit of room in the calf area but I noticed they are a bit smaller than women's boots.

Continuing on with Nordy's, I won my first contest!! Whoever sold the most Lockheart bags last month won their very own Lockheart bag. Woohoo! I hope to receive the bag soon (unfortunately I did not get to choose it) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I actually like it. If not, my mom or mother-in-law will be receiving a kick-ass Christmas gift (their bags run between $350-600)!

And to end this, I have to mention my REAL Nordy's bff, Katie. She also works in handbags and we always have so much fun together. She's the tender age of 21 so she constantly reminds me how old I am and I live vicariously through her exciting adventures. It's nice to have someone there who is just as goofy as I am and she makes the long days more bearable (she also just discovered my blog and is my newest reader). So Katie, here's to you and your youth. Maybe one day you'll be old and married and have your very own blog that features your fat cat in various poses. And if the thought of that doesn't make you want to jump off a cliff I don't know what will.

Coming up... pictures from Karen and Myers' baby shower!!


Kaitlin said...

I'm loving Target boots right now! And, thanks for the info on the sizing of children's wee little feet would definitley fit into some of those cheaper suckers! Congrats on the contest for the bag- you're a rock star in the hand bag department!!
Thank for your comments on my posts and for the b-day messages- calling you this weekend to catch up!

The Emerson's said...

I am pretty sure a picture of the aformentioned grey boots is a must! I have been contimplating a pair of cognac wedged boots that are super cute at Target..I just havent' made the official plunge.

I bought some kids shoes for myself while shopping at Nordy's for Ava! Ha..nothing better than being able to find a deal while shopping for my nugget ;)

also, thank you so much for you sweet comments on my last post. so good to know i am not going crazy! and, just ready sweet comments like yours made me feel better :)

Karen said...

Pretty sure my calf area would not fit in kids' boots in their current state of giantness. Good tip for later though.

Leslie said...

I bought the faux suede grey boots and Target this year and am in LOVE. I adore boots in the fall and winter.


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