Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Back...

I have finally emerged from hiding under my rock.

Rock = work, work, and more work

I've noticed that writing a blog is a little like exercise. Once you do it, you want to do it more. But if you take a break it's pretty hard to get back in the swing of things. I used to write a post every 2 weeks, then it became one a week, and recently I was averaging a whopping 2.4 posts each week! That just sounds exhausting right now.

I want to make one thing is clear to all of you out there that I know and especially to those I might not know. I love my job. Last week was hard, and more than that, it was frustrating. But I completed all 6 (count em': 6!) projects in the time given. Not only that, it was known around the staff that I was quite busy and everyone bent over backwards to ask if they could help, checked on me to see how I was doing, and took minor projects (that I normally do) and completed them for me. It was remarkable. I know I'm lucky to have my job but sometimes I forget how lucky I am. I had similar "panic moments" at my last job at least once a week and I remember feeling very alone most of the time. Not here. So thank you for letting me vent last week and now thank you for letting me get over myself.

I am blessed.

After I left work on Friday, I finished up some last minute plans for my sorority's Founders Day. It was held on Saturday--Kait and I were in charge of the event. It went really well and we met some of the collegians. It is a very eerie feeling when you are unable to recognize one face or name in the group. Didn't I graduate last year? Has it really been that long? I knew some of their older brothers or sisters but even they were several years younger than me. Ugh.

Sunday was the annual meeting at church (remember the annual report?) so I went and helped with that. I came home feeling completely worn out from the previous 7 days. Decided pretty quickly that Monday would be spent at home, in pajamas, reading a good book. And that is exactly what I did.

Michael's parents were also in town this weekend. I didn't get to see much of them but Michael said they all had a nice time catching up. He was (is) extremely sick yet AGAIN with allergies so he was pretty limited with what he could do/where he could go. I think the three of them got to know our living room really well. :)

That's my synopsis of the week. This post is complete crap, I just reread it and not only did I bore myself to tears but it sounds like an English paper from the fourth grade. Yuck. Unfortunately for you, I don't really feel like rewriting it. Perhaps I will redeem myself with a post later on this week.

You want a 5-minute explanation of why I love my church? Watch this:

(Make sure the volume is up!)

Days without fast food: 7


Emily said...

Welcome back... I have missed you!
So I watched the video and I know a few peeps in the video.. Judy and larry Doyle... they are the grandparents of my little benny.. our family friend the pollards lost their son ben at age 2..... and his grandparents go to church there.. Ben is actually cremated.. and in the cremation area outside of your church.. in that little garden.. by his grandpa Wayne Pollard....
Next person I knew.. Abby Hall Martin and her lil girl Isabella.. then I recognized a sorority sister Allison Rollandini... Im sure I just went on and on and your church is soo big you may not know of these ppl.. so sorry for boring you! did you make the video???

Melissa said...

Did you make that video?? FANTASTIC! Gives me chills! :) Congrats on the no fast food. I have not had candy now in 9 WHOLE days!! :)


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