Sunday, July 8, 2007

What Is That Thing In The Sky? Oh, It's The SUN!

What a fantastically marvelous weekend!!! For the first time in about 17 years, the sun made an appearance and stuck around for the entire weekend! I must admit, I was skeptical--I looked for any and all signs of inclement weather and it never showed up. I am one of those people who just FEELS better when the sun is out and doing its thing.

Friday night, Kait, Steve, Michael and I had a Mexican fiesta. What was going to be a low-key evening for Michael and I turned into a HUGE meal that we all took part in creating. I love that couple, I am going to miss our sporadic evenings when Kait and I are no longer roommates.

Saturday was spent lounging at the pool for 5, yes 5 hours. My skin turned a dark shade of red and I reveled in the burn. Anything to replace the pasty white skin that had been there before (yes, I know, skin cancer, blah blah blah). Some younger DGs were also at the pool so we had a great time catching up with them. Nothing is better than a story told by Ashley Smith. :)

Saturday night we rode the train. The Sushi Train. It was... ok. I had heard that it was competitive to In the Raw and I disagree immensely. I will say, Michael and I had 3 rolls there for the price of his favorite roll at In the Raw, so for a couple trying to save money (Michael and Meredith), it was a decent deal.

To finish up the weekend, the 4 of us went to church this morning and then I spent the rest of the afternoon reading the newspaper and Barack Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope--I highly recommend it to anyone. Even you dad. I'm about to go to a birthday celebration at PF Chang for one of Michael's friends from work. Afterwards I will start preparing myself for a long week at work! Things have started moving pretty fast (getting ready for the "back to school" excitement already!) so I'm desperately trying to keep up.

And I'll leave you with this: "Anytime you hear someone say it's a win-win situation, they either don't know all the facts or they have a stuttering problem." -Aim Low (by Dave Dunseath) Great "pool read."

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