Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bug Off

This just in! My dad, the bugologist, recently discovered what attacked us on Saturday. Allow me to introduce you to the sweat bee! Isn't it a beaut!?

I'm a little disappointed--most of the sites I've read rate the pain of the sting very low (see "pain tolerance of a 2-year-old" in post below). I was just starting to stand proud with my "I've been attacked by killer bees!" story and now I find out they bit me because I was sweating and their stinging pain is considered minimal. Shoulders are now slouched and embarrassment is at an all-time high.

Let's end this post the proper way, shall we? Michael and I are getting married in 88 days! I have been playing phone tag with Bill Buker, our pre-marital counselor. He's on vacation this week so we are going to meet with him next week and take the PREPARE test. I have been quizzing Michael with random questions to see if we have the same thoughts on different issues. Hey, I was raised not to fail tests, I don't want to start now. :) I'm really not concerned, I figure this test will only solidify my thoughts that we were MFEO (Made for Each Other--"Sleepless in Seattle"). How is that for an optimistic bride!?

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