Wednesday, December 14, 2016

(Almost) 23 Weeks

I can't believe it's been three weeks since my last update!  It feels like I wrote it a week ago, which is a perfect description for how fast this pregnancy is moving along.  23 weeks seems like no big deal and then I realize... wait, we only have 16 weeks left before she's here.

I went back and read my 23-week update with the twins and had a good laugh.  By this point we'd painted the nursery and assembled both cribs as well as the changing table.   I'd already had a baby shower in Fort Smith and we'd taken a hospital class.  

Here is what we've accomplished so far...
1.  Created life (hey, when you know the list is going to be short you include it all)
2.  Named the baby
3.  Switched hospitals
4.  Uhhh....

The nursery is still very much an office with no plans of becoming a nursery anytime soon.  Furniture hasn't been assembled... or purchased for that matter.  This second (third?) time parenting thing is very humorous. 

However, there have been some big decisions made in the last few weeks, which I'm excited to share.  As I said above, baby girl has a name....

Holland Claire Haynes

Deciding on Jude & Sloane was a piece of cake but this little lady has been very difficult.  We've both been fans of the name Holland since I was pregnant with the twins, but I know it's quite unique and I was a little apprehensive.  Is it too much?  Will she be "that kid" in class?  However, one day we started talking about other girl names to see if we could come up with something we loved more.  Michael touched my stomach and said, "Hi, ____" and I was absolutely disgusted.  No, it was Holland.  This is Holland.  

We also decided to switch hospitals.  My OB delivers at two hospitals in the area and without thinking I just signed up for the one where the twins were born.  Michael asked why I didn't opt for the one closer to home.  Never even crossed my mind!  At my appointment yesterday I went to the business office and made the switch.  Birthday will still be April 6 and now we (and the grandparents) have a much shorter trek!  I also pre-registered so we are officially ready to go!  

Everything else checked out great at my appointment.  I've gained the same amount of weight with Holland as I did with Jude & Sloane.  My bump is the same size as well.  And yes, I do find that mortifying, thank you.  At a recent Christmas party the photographer said, "You're about ready to pop!  Only a month or so left, right?"  Total flashback to my twin pregnancy when I started lying about my due date just to avoid embarrassment on both sides.  I may start telling people I'm due in February.  

Blood pressure was great, heartbeat was perfect, and she's still quite the mover & shaker!  I've been having a bit of pain from my previous umbilical hernia surgery, which apparently is normal and will hopefully resolve on its own.  Belly button is still an innie but I'm guessing it has a few weeks if not days left before its triumphant emergence. 

21 weeks
22 weeks (wearing their initials around my neck!)
23 weeks

I got a little teary reading my 23-week update with the twins because I refer to it being our only pregnancy.  At times I still feel overwhelmed and anxious with this complete surprise but I just feel so LUCKY we get to do it all over again.  It's such an undeserved gift and a chance for us to really shine as a team.  Some of my favorite marital moments occurred in those first six months so I think about that when I start reaching for a paper bag at the thought of having three kids.  Thank goodness for several friends with three little ones who have shared words of wisdom and encouragement.  

We are closing in on Christmas and it's been so much fun to see it all through Jude & Sloane's eyes.  I believe it deserves its own post but, for now, here's (quite possibly) my favorite Santa picture to date!  

Polar Express in Grapevine - they loved it!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. What a gift your surprise is.

Emily said...

Love this update and you look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I love the name! I have a student in my classroom this year who is named Hollyn (not the same, obviously, but similar) and she's one cool chick :) I gained 70 (!!) pounds with each of my singleton pregnancies and for a 5'2 petite shortie that was a sight to see. You'll be chasing babies around and back to your skinny jeans in no time. Best of luck as you continue on this exciting journey!


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