Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Epilogue

Before I get to Sloane's update, I feel like I need to address a few things regarding yesterday's post...

The amount of comments, emails, and texts we received after I hit "publish" was overwhelming.  As I mentioned in the post, I went back and forth on whether or not to even share it with the world, because the last thing I want is for our child to be labeled.  I never understood why parents cared about that until I was in their shoes and now I get it.  He is our darling boy Jude.  He is still perfect (to us) and neither of us want the sad eyes.  I had a few cringeworthy moments yesterday and I had to tell myself to grow thicker skin because I absolutely knew intentions were good.  But, my goodness, Mama Bear is as real as mama instincts.  

As with everything, there is a wide range of SPD.  I was sent a few blog posts of others whose children have SPD and my eyes grew wider with every sentence.  Obviously I am no doctor, but after reading many stories it sounds like Jude has a rather mild case.  Not that it matters, but I wanted to clarify our situation and acknowledge the severity could be far greater.

And the last bit... The amount of "great job, mama" comments I received was confusing at first, until I reread my post and realized it was very Meredith heavy.  I suppose that's natural as it's my blog and I can only speak for myself, but I am no (for lack of a better word) martyr.  This news was never about me and I apologize it came across that way.  Please know there were so many involved in this process, especially Michael.  He has read every article, listened to every fear (which typically comes around 2 am - poor guy), and never once let me walk this road alone.  The same is true for family and friends (my mom already owns her own copy of The Out-of-Sync Child - ha)!  My friends have wiped tears, sent scriptures, and loved on our son like he was their own.

So what am I saying?  It takes a village.

I'm just so glad our village was built on rock.  :)

Thanks again, friends!


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