Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend!

This past weekend was really, really great.  I can't count how many times I turned to Michael and said, "This weekend is so great."  :)  Our personal blog has become second to Twin Talk, which is sad for me but it is what it is.  I haven't done a picture post (other than their monthly write-ups) in a long time so I'm going to do that right now with pics from this glorious weekend.

On Saturday we got the kids dressed and drove to a nearby bluebonnet patch.  75 other families had the same idea so it was a little difficult to get pics of the kids without a car or random child in the background.  Neither Jude nor Sloane cared much for the bluebonnets so my picturesque dreams were soon replaced with this reality:

Sloane really wanted nothing to do with any of it but Jude was another story.  He ran all over the place, laughing the entire time.  It was frustrating as a photographer but wonderful as a parent. 

Here's the rest of the pictures from the bluebonnets!

After their nap we drove to Andy Brown park and walked around the pond.  We let the kids out of the wagon for a bit to run around.  Once again, Jude took off and Sloane stayed nearby (at one point she actually got back in the wagon and tried to buckle herself in--HA).  We played for a bit and then took them to the swings and slide.  They loved it!   If you follow me on Instagram you've noticed the straw fedora (which is on its last leg) is Sloane's BFF.  Some grow attached to dolls or stuffed animals; this girl prefers a hat.




Sunday morning we woke up for our church's Easter Sunday service.  It was such a great message and really reinforced what Easter is all about.  Michael and I were both raised in homes where the Easter bunny was not a big deal and we've decided to continue that tradition.  Not to mention every Easter bunny we've seen absolutely terrifies us.

After church we had a nice (albeit crazy) Easter brunch with Michael's parents and then the kids went down for a nap.  They woke up to an egg hunt around our living room and absolutely loved it.  I really thought this year would be a wash but they seemed to grasp the concept and had a good time.  

Face stuffed with bunny grahams will not deter her from hunting more eggs.

The sweet bunnies were a gift from Mimi & Papa!

We gave them bubbles and sidewalk chalk this year so we took them outside and played with the bubbles.  You would've thought they won the toddler lottery--they couldn't stop laughing and chasing the bubbles.  It was definitely a moment I will never forget.

 Did I mention it was a great weekend?  :)


Susie said...

Love the photos! Bubbles are great!,

Amber Massey said...

I was almost sad when I thought for half a moment they didn't get Easter baskets;) BUBBLES were totally in the girls' baskets, too! They LOVE them. And I love their squeals and giggles. Jude's face is amazing. So glad ya'll had a great weekend!

Andy Row said...

Tell Mike I love his European carryall!

KK said...

what a gorgeous post with gorgeous pics! such a cute age...

Brianne Bracco said...

They are seriously sooo precious! We have like one bluebonnet field in California haha..I love them, so pretty :)

Aubrey said...

I could not agree with Jude and Sloane more about the awesomeness of bubbles! Love the bluebonnet pictures. I clearly don't have a photographer's vision because I thought your pics were amazing just as they were. Looks like a fabulous weekend!


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