Sunday, March 2, 2014

All About Jude & Sloane | 16 Months

Jude Sullivan...

...doesn't walk.  He only runs.

...loves to be in on the joke.  No matter what mood he's in, if you laugh, he throws his head back and laughs too.

...does not like when Sloane gets in trouble.  When I tell her "no," he cries.  But that doesn't mean he's stopped stealing her pacifier, sippy cup, toy, etc.

...usually lets Sloane take the lead on things but then wants to be right there with her. great leg hugs.  He'll come up behind you when you're least expecting it and wrap his arms around your leg.  It's so sweet.

...loves megablocks, the Hot Dog Dance (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), Dr. Suess blocks, Scout the dog, my cell phone, the computer mouse, and books.

...plays hide and seek with us but hides in the same two places every time and usually brings his (talking) dog with him.

...performed his very first somersault on February 27.  He was doing his typical downward dog pose and just flipped over.  It didn't phase him one bit but we were very impressed!

...has to be strapped into his high chair.  One time he escaped and sat on his tray while stealing food off of Sloane's tray.  I may have screamed when I looked over and saw it.

...loves to hold our hands. not always gentle, but is still so affectionate.

Sloane Elisabeth...

...loves to press her face against the plastic drum lid and make faces at you.  She's such a jokester!

...occasionally walks on her tip toes.  She doesn't do this nearly as much as she used to.

...really enjoys wearing headbands (because she really enjoys the attention)!

...wants to be held all of the time.  And while you're holding her, she expects a guided tour of the room.

...doesn't typically sleep as long as Jude and spends a good chunk of time standing by the door to the nursery, anxiously waiting for him to wake up.  If I didn't keep the door closed she would stand next to his crib.

...has a smile that cracks us up.  You know when you tell a funny joke and are trying not to laugh (but fail miserably)?  She does that.

...continues to have the largest belly we've ever seen.  She keeps growing taller and lankier... except for that belly!

...throws herself down and pretends to be asleep in her crib when you check on her during naptime. 

...loves the giant caterpillar, rainbow teapot, Dr. Suess blocks, and my cell phone. finally getting some hair!  It's starting to curl a little in the back!  She also loves to play with Jude's hair.  She definitely has hair envy.

...loves to blow kisses, even though the sound is nothing like a kiss and everything like a toot.  :)


"I am your lullaby; you are my peekaboo.  I am your good-night kiss; you are my I love you."  
Love- Mommy


Charly said...

These are the best photos ever!!

Aubrey said...

As a mom I know that for every photo you post on the blog there are at least five others (equally cute in a different way) that don't get posted. These are so stinking amazing that I just want to see more! Twin lovin' special!

Amber Massey said...

I giggled through this entire post. It's amazing to me how Jolie : Jude and Parker : Sloane. Love these sweet kiddos!


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