Friday, February 7, 2014

Colossians 1:17

Do you remember when you first learned your parents were human?  As in, they made mistakes.  They had opinions that were different from your own.  They didn't have all the answers.  By the time I truly understood this I was in my early twenties.  Most kids probably realized it far sooner, but I've always put my parents on an exceedingly high pedestal, and I'll fight anyone who says they don't belong there. 

My brother and I are so lucky.

When you realize your parents are human, it's a relief but also quite terrifying...  They make mistakes.  They have opinions that are different from your own.  They don't have all the answers.  And on top of that, they are not immune to pain.

Last fall, my mom sent a text and asked if I had time to chat.  I called and we exchanged a few (forced) pleasantries before she dropped the bomb.  "Your dad's going to be fine.... But he's been in a motorcycle accident."  My dad, my helmet-wearing, rule-following dad, was hurt.  His lung had collapsed and he had many broken ribs.  He was in the hospital and would stay there for several days.  When mom first shared this with me, I remember holding my breath until I knew he was going to be ok. 

While he was bruised pretty badly, it could've been so much worse.  His helmet was destroyed and his bike was totaled.  But to hear his story... it was so obvious God was watching over him that day.  I know God is omnipresent, but I think he took a break from everyone else for that moment and made my dad his priority.  I say that as a joke, but really?  I kind of believe it.

My parents visited us a few weeks ago and while they were here my mom casually told me about a lump she'd found.  They were going to biopsy it the following week.  She didn't seem concerned so I wasn't concerned.  Last week she sent a quick text and let me know it was Stage 0 (completely contained) breast cancer.  She would be having surgery followed by six weeks of radiation.  Once again, I held my breath while reading the text.  And once again, it was (is) a terrible situation that could've been so much worse.

I'm not sure why I'm writing about all of this.   Maybe it's a PSA:  Wear your helmet.  Perform self-evaluations.  Or maybe it's so I can finally get all of this on "paper" and give my hurting heart a bit of a break.  It's scary when you understand--when you really understand--that your parents have a beginning and an end on this earth.  And it made me realize that even though I learned they were human 10 years ago, I still thought they were unbreakable.  Untouchable.

I love to wrap up each blog post with a neat little bow, but I'm not there yet.   While a small part of me can't help but think, "Why them?  Why now?" a much bigger part is just so thankful they're still here.

I'm thankful we serve a God who doesn't make mistakes.  Who does have all the answers.  And who holds it all together while I hold my breath.

My mom had surgery this morning.  Please keep her in your prayers!


Leslie said...

Beautifully written, my friend. And make no mistake, your parents do deserve to be on that exceedingly high pedestal. They are absolutely wonderful, as I have witnessed myself and as evidenced by their amazing daughter. I'm teary as I read this knowing that while, yes, it could be worse, it still stinks and is really hard stuff that I wish y'all didn't have to go through. Praying today! xoxo

Melissa said...

praying for Susie!!!! and this reminded me i never sent you that sermon!
i'll post it to FB for ya too, but seriously you should listen to it...everyone should hear it. it's powerful stuff! keep us updated on how your mom is...lots of prayer to her, your dad, and you guys today!!!

Trish said...

Prayers for your mom, you, and all of your family. I'll be thinking of you.

Sara said...

Just said a prayer for your mom!

Kaitlin said...

Thinking & praying for your mom & your whole family. Thanking God for the wonderful relationship you have with your parents: I've seen first hand how they've supported & comforted you in the past, and how you've done the same for them. Much love to all of you.

Aubrey said...

Thinking of you and your whole family, Meredith.

Susie said...

Thank you! I love you so much!

Melissa Brannan said...

Oh my! I had no idea! I totally understand what you mean about parents and aging and things changing. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and your mom, but I'm so happy things are turning out to be okay. Keep us posted!!


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