Saturday, November 9, 2013

Instagram Sale - Jude & Sloane's Clothes!

I'm selling more of Jude & Sloane's clothes!  This time it will be via Instagram instead of the blog.  I'm hoping it will make it easier on everyone (and by everyone I mean me). 

Follow this address: @judeandsloanescloset 

The sale will be next Friday, November 15 at 10:30 CST.  Shipping will be included in the price and my only request is that you pay within 24 hours.  To claim an item you will simply leave your PayPal email in the comments and then I will send an invoice to that address.

I would really appreciate it if you let your friends know!  There are lots of cute clothes that need to go to new homes.  :)

In other news, I have a lot of posts that will be arriving shortly.  They include the following:
  • Pumpkin patch pictures
  • One year professional pictures
  • One year update & letters
  • More of your questions answered (remember that post?)!
More soon!

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