Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings

Just a brief look into our lives right now.

1.  My best friend of 28ish years is ENGAGED!  I am so, so, SO excited for her!  I found out last night and it's pretty much all I've thought about ever since.  EEK!  She is going to be a gorgeous bride and I'm already scouting out plane tickets to Charleston. 

2.  Katie of Perfectly Us asked me to do a guest post while she's on vacation.  I've never done one before and I'm pretty sure I wrecked all guest post etiquette but it'll be on her blog on Friday if you're interested!

3.  Michael's first Father's Day was a lot of fun!  I gave him small gifts throughout the day and we ended the night at Jenny's birthday party.  Around 9:45 I told him I wasn't feeling well so we left.  As he started driving home I let him know we had reserved seats to the 10:30 showing of Man of Steel.  Surprise!  Besides the birth of our children, I'm not sure I've ever seen Michael so shocked or excited.  The babies spent the night at their grandparents house and we rolled in at 2 am.  Party people.

4.  Last week the twins and I spent a few days in Fort Smith to visit Julie and Leslie as well as my parents.  It was Michael's first time away from the kids and my first time on a solo road trip.  Fortunately they slept like champs and made it quite easy on me.  Special thanks to the Comfort Inn and some random bank in Durant for allowing me to use their parking lots to change diapers and breastfeed. 

5. Jude & Sloane are recovering from every illness under the sun.  Over the past week they have both had the following: a cough, a mild albeit sad case of hand/foot/mouth, stomach bug, cold, and teething.  My hands are about to fall off from being washed so many times and if Pampers was struggling they no longer need to worry because the Haynes family has kept them in business.  The kids have been pretty great through all of this but it is interesting to see how differently they cope with sickness.  More on that later.  We are on strict lockdown until these two are 100%.  Someone (ahem) tends to go a little stir crazy when she's not allowed out of the house so please feel free to send emails/texts/cookie cakes my way.  My life depends on it.  No pressure.

6.  I'm disappointed in my blogging skillz lately (and by "lately" I mean the last year or so).  June marks six years of A Work In Progress!  From being engaged, to newlyweds, to moving, to two miscarriages, to pregnancy, to twins... this blog has definitely seen some major ups and downs.  The last year has had so, so many ups and I hate that it's had fewer posts than any other year.  I can't promise it'll get better (got these two babies) but it's definitely a goal of mine.  I appreciate each and every one of you who have stuck with me from the beginning or joined along the way.  The support our family has received never ceases to amaze me.  In short, you guys are pretty spectacular.  Thank you.  :)

7.  My little family.  I'm so freaking PROUD of them!


Brianne Bracco said...

Hahaha..loved your little boy comment on IG ;) Congrats to your BFF on the engagement! And poor babies!! I hope they feel better soon! Your little family is so precious..love seeing their pictures. Congrats on the 6 years..that amazing..it's a great read :)

Laura said...

So what did you guys think of Man of Steel? Good job on the solo road trip! Also, hand/foot/mouth is of the devil! Worst kid sickness we've experienced. Glad the twins had a mild case, though I'm sure it still wasn't fun :( Hope they are back to 100% health again very soon!

Aubrey said...

Happy to say I've been reading through all the ups and downs. I love each and every tidbit you send through the blogosphere. Jude and Sloane are absolutely perfect. You have so so SO much to be proud of!

Trish said...

something has been in the air. the weekend of our trip Elle was diagnosed with a sinus infection (NOT pink eye). When we got back from our "trip" she was diagnosed with an ear infection and roseola. A few days later both my mom's husband and Scott were diagnosed with pink eye...they didn't see each other so Elle was the only common denominator. Really irritated at all the healthcare professionals for the misdiagnosing. I'm guessing it won't be the last... Hope Jude and Sloane are 100% soon!!

Superman! Sounds like you had a wonderful Father's Day. Or (ahem) Michael did. ;)


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