Friday, May 31, 2013

Jude & Sloane | 7 Months

As much as I keep begging time to slow down it does not appear to be listening to me. Jude & Sloane are seven months old.  SEVEN MONTHS OLD.  As I was watching them play today I saw two independent babies with two completely different personalities. They caught me staring at them, gave me two huge grins and I realized for the hundredth time today that I am the luckiest.

I've been forced to accept the phrase, "Babies don't keep" and it's absolutely tearing me apart.  So on that emotionally charged note, let's take a look at this past month.  It was a good one.  :)

Jude & Sloane have now had rice cereal, butternut squash, and carrots.  They still breastfeed four times a day and take a 7 oz bottle in the evening.  I don't know if it's because Jude's been sick or he's just over the bottle, but this past week he's had a really tough time with it so I've been nursing him before bed.  I'm embarrassed to admit that their solid meals are all over the place.  Some days they are in bed before I realize I didn't feed them a solid all day, which is why they're seven months and have only had a few vegetables.  I'm really going to try to be better about this in the upcoming month.  I want them to try all sorts of fruits and vegetables!

While both loved squash, Jude absolutely HATED carrots! My 22 pound 7-month-old is a picky eater!  I tried feeding him carrots the next day after mixing them with more breastmilk and he ate them right up--I guess it was a texture issue more than taste.  Sloane constantly tries to grab the spoon because we can't feed her fast enough.  Next up is sweet potatoes and then bananas!

(Video of them eating carrots.  Jude's reaction is priceless!)

While they used to take three naps each day they are now taking two solid naps and occasionally three if necessary.  Their first nap is at 10a, second is around 2p, and third (if it happens) is around 5p.   They don't always fall asleep immediately like they used to.  Occasionally they play in their cribs and talk to themselves (or each other).  I'll watch the video monitor and they look like pinballs, bouncing all over the place and hitting all sides of the crib.  One other thing, which I consider HUGE--they can put their pacifiers in their mouths without assistance. Hooray!

The biggest change in this area is consistency and improvement of certain skills.  They can now pick up small objects and hold onto them, whereas at the beginning of the month they were quite wobbly and dropped items often.  Their balance has improved and they can sit for long periods of time.  Sloane actually prefers being on her belly and has learned to maneuver herself (somewhat) gracefully from a sitting position to her stomach.  She can't stand to be in one place and being on her stomach allows her to barrel roll all over the place.  She is extremely curious and is constantly finding objects to play with that are NOT toys (my phone, tissue paper, diaper wipes, etc.). Meanwhile, Jude is typically content to hang out in one place and play with his toys. 

Due to Sloane's constant movement, we've installed a baby gate at the top of the stairs and put caps on electrical outlets.  As far as crawling is concerned, I think it may be a while before either crawl.  Sloane seems to be just fine with rolling and Jude just doesn't show much interest.  The crawling stage really concerns me so I'm not upset about this.

Both are now talking quite a bit and making sounds such as dada, gaga, hi, and whoa.  None are said intentionally, although once we drove over a big hill and Jude said "whoaaaaa." Michael and I burst out laughing. Jude talks and talks AND TALKS.  Sloane is much more quiet and for the longest time would only talk in her crib or carseat. Just recently she's started using her voice more.  Strangely enough, when we are in public it's Jude who gets quiet and oftentimes moody.  He is slow to warm up to strangers whereas Sloane has a smile for everyone.  Both still get great reports in the church nursery and are happy to be held by anyone.  I am so grateful for this!

We traveled to Tulsa in the middle of the month!  We stayed with Kait, Steve, & Leighton (mentor for the twins), and also got to celebrate Luca Pore's second birthday.  It also happened to be Mother's Day weekend and my 31st birthday!  The twins did great and slept most of the way there and back.  It's always good to get back to Tulsa and see our friends!

Dear Jude,
Just thinking about you makes my heart so happy.  You are such a sweet, affectionate boy and when you put your (not so) little arms around my neck I just want to hold you forever.  It's become apparent this month that you are very sensitive.  You like when everything is status quo and get a little uneasy with change.  If daddy laughs too loudly or one of us surprises you, your sweet face shows concern immediately.  Play groups are fun but only for a limited time and then you are ready to be back in a quiet(er) place.

Your favorite thing to do is jump, jump, jump!  In the exersaucer, the jumperoo, or on people's legs, you just want to JUMP!  You also love to thump your left leg on the floor when you're on your stomach.  I can hear you all over the house!  I think you're going to be quite the soccer player with your sturdy legs!

I'm sad to say you don't really enjoy the stroller.  I haven't figured out why but when I run errands I know I have a limited amount of time before you get fussy.  If it weren't so difficult to hold you while pushing the stroller we'd be fine for hours!

You've had a really bad cough for over a week now, yet your disposition is cheery and you still smile and laugh constantly.  When strangers see you they always comment on your crazy (awesome) hair and your judgy stare.  It's such a funny face and doesn't match your sweet personality at all!

You are a great big brother and I'm counting on you to help me reel in your oh-so-curious sister.  I'm just crazy about you, Bubby.


Dear Sloane,
I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone as inquisitive as you. You study everything and everybody in the room and I absolutely love this about you.  While your brother is perfectly happy to play with items surrounding him, you want to know what else is out there.  Your rolling skills are both impressive and terrifying, and if I take something away from you and hide it, you don't forget about it and will continue to search. 

You've started talking more and your voice is the sweetest.  Your favorite thing to say is dada (no surprise there) and speaking of dada, I'm pretty sure you think he hung the moon (he thinks the same about you). 

A new development is your obsession with people's faces.  If I stand you up on my legs you will ever so gently reach your little hand towards my face and as soon as you touch it you have a death grip that would bring a grown man to his knees.  It is so sweet... and then so very painful.

It appears your eczema is going away... hopefully for good!  It seemed like six months was the turning point, which is exactly what your doctor said would most likely happen.  Your hair is filling in nicely... still dark and very textured.  When strangers see you they always comment on your bright eyes and your full body smile.  Even when you are tired or hungry you will offer a smile to anyone (you did NOT get that from me)!

I wish you liked to cuddle more but it just means I get to sit back, watch, and be amazed by you.  I love my front row seat!


...And if that looking glass turns blue, always know that I love you.* 
Love - Mom

*My poorly adapted version of the lullaby and the last thing they hear from me before going to sleep.


Laura said...

I always get excited to see a new monthly post! I laughed at Jude's reaction to carrots (as I did when Nolan had the same reaction to most of my homemade baby foods when we first started solid food)! I think the 6-9 month period is SO fun! The babies aren't just lump babies, but are interactive and you can start seeing their personalities really begin to emerge. Your two have such fun and cute personalities! I love all the pictures and stories about them :)

Katie said...

OH MY GOSH....I'm dying at Jude's reaction to carrots! My husband thought I was nuts until he saw what I was laughing at ;)

7 months is such a fun age! Sleeping through the night, more predictable, generally happy, oh and {mostly} IMMOBILE! I know you're enjoying those precious babes, and I love keeping up with them!

Leslie said...

Jude had me laughing out loud! They are so adorable, Meredith. And unrelated to them, you look FANTASTIC!!! Skinny minnie in that shot by the swings!

KK said...

They are such characters already! Love all the pics, as usual. And I just watched the last 15 seconds of that carrot video multiple times...dying laughing!

Aubrey said...

Precious! I look forward to the photo montage at the end of every month's update. So. Much. Cuteness.


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