Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jude & Sloane | 1 Month

Jude and Sloane are one month old!  I'm still not sure how I want to handle these monthly posts (personal letters vs. bullets vs. five paragraph essays, etc.) so this is subject to change in the upcoming months.  All I know is I want to capture as much as possible before I forget.

In short, it's been an incredible month.  October 30 will forever be the greatest day of our lives and the following days and weeks have been nothing short of amazing.  I think we've experienced every possible emotion and while the lack of sleep has been exhausting, it's pretty easy to wake up and smile when we see these two kiddos.

Let's get started, shall we?

Jude's weight at...
Birth: 7 lbs 5 oz
2 weeks: 7 bs 7.5 oz
One month: 9 lbs 7 oz (!!!)

Sloane's weight at...
Birth: 6 lbs 10 oz
2 weeks: 6 lbs 11 oz
One month: 8 lbs 11 oz (!!!)

As you can see from the weights listed above, both kids LOVE to eat.  From day one Jude has been an excellent breastfeeder and Sloane has recently caught up.   I pump at least once a day so Michael can participate in the feedings.  I like to think it's a good bonding experience for everyone. They both easily take bottles from family and friends (and me). When we do use bottles they eat about 3.5 oz every 3 hours but lately they've been wanting to eat every 2 or 2.5 hours (growth spurt?).   After they eat they're awake for a bit and then crash hard.  At night they've been going 4 hours between feedings, which has made us feel more human in the mornings.  Although Jude has always been bigger than Sloane, she keeps up with him on how much and how often she eats.

While I truly enjoy breastfeeding and all of its benefits, it's very time-consuming with twins, especially if I'm alone. The process involves changing two diapers, grabbing two burp clothes, setting up My Brest Friend (stupid name, seriously helpful), picking up the kids and getting both adjusted on the pillow, feeding, burping one, then the other, getting them re-adjusted, feeding, burping one, then the other, and half of the time changing both diapers again before we're done.  Michael wakes up during the nights to help me, which is so nice.

Sidenote: I was totally that mom who took her kids to the pediatrician yesterday so she could weigh them.  I was so nervous they weren't eating enough (a big fear when breastfeeding twins)!  Fortunately they are gaining weight like champs!

Both kids love to sleep, which was not always the case.  The first week they had their days/nights confused, which made all of us cranky.  Once they adjusted it was much better. For the first few weeks at home we did not swaddle them at all.  Sloane hated it--she is a mover and a shaker and a mini-Houdini.  As soon as we finished the swaddle, BOOM!  Both arms and a foot would shoot out.  Jude, on the other hand, would get so hot that we'd pick him up and there would be a pool of sweat in the pack and play (we are now wondering if it was his diaper leaking and not sweat).

A few days ago we decided to give swaddling one more try because they were both waking themselves up with their own arm/leg movements.  I'm not sure if it's because they're a bit older and/or bigger but now it works like a charm and both sleep longer and better.  We don't swaddle them during the day but let them take their naps in whatever they're wearing.  Sloane is our alarm clock--she almost always wakes up first to eat.  Only recently has she started sleeping in the pack and play (two of them are set up in our room).  Before then she was sleeping in a rock n' play right next to me, which kept her from moving around as much.  She also has a harder time holding onto her pacifier so it was nice to be able to reach over and pop it back in!

While I'm not an advocate of co-sleeping, I typically let both of them stay in bed with me after their 5-6 am feeding since Michael has gotten up to go to work.  I'm pretty sure I enjoy it more than they do.  :)  After their 8 am feeding we begin our day!

Dear Jude,
You are all boy.  Your burps could put high school boys to shame and they never cease to amaze us.  For the most part you are as laidback and easy as they come... unless you're hungry.  If we wait too long to feed you the whole neighborhood knows it.  It is shocking how such a loud scream can come from such a tiny person.

When people meet you their first reaction is to mention how much you look like your dad, especially if your eyes are open.  You have the same crazy (awesome) hair and the same beautiful lips (I'm partial).  Your eyebrows and eyelashes are blonde so we're wondering if your hair will stay dark.  Both of you have a pretty good "tan" but you are the paler of the two.  You love to cuddle and will fall asleep on our shoulder or stomach in a moment's notice.

You also have your dad's legs and hobbit feet, which are the cutest things ever (when they are not size 12). You have outgrown newborn diapers and most of your newborn clothes.  Each day we put another outfit away.  It doesn't bother you but it sure bothers me!

You did not care for your first few baths but now you don't mind them at all.  Diaper changes don't bother you either (unless you're ready to eat)!

As you'll see from the pictures below, you are a total ham in front of the camera. I am absolutely crazy about you.

Dear Sloane,
While Jude is all boy, you are definitely all girl.  In the hospital the nurses called you "princess" and "diva." You have the most delicate facial features, which we adore but have no idea who they came from.  You have the longest arms and legs, which also gave us several laughs the first few weeks.  When someone startled you, you would raise your arms in a "What the heck is going on here?" fashion and your arms were as long as your body.  Most of the time you've kicked off your socks and your little legs are crossed.  Absolutely adorable.

You had a full head of hair when you were born but lost half of it while taking a bath last week.  I don't want to point fingers but it was the first time your dad washed your hair.  I will never let him live that one down.

You're still able to wear newborn diapers and clothes, though several of your newborn clothes are too short.  Unfortunately, most of the 0-3 month clothes swallow your slender body.

You enjoy bath time and don't mind getting your diaper changed. The hardest part is keeping you still!

Currently you care more about her surroundings than Jude.  When you're  fussy we can calm you down by carrying you around the house and showing you different things (pictures, mirrors, etc.).  My mom figured this out early on and it was a lifesaver.  If you put your brother and you next to one another he will continue looking around but you look directly at him.

I love my sweet Sloaney Bologna!

The pediatrician told me twins don't really acknowledge/recognize one another until four months.  However, we've noticed the two of them reach for one another when they're close.  It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen (and it's not just because I'm their mother).

I learned fairly quickly that we need to get out of the house several times a week (preferably once a day) to keep me sane! Sloane and Jude both fall asleep in their carseats almost immediately once we're in the car.  When they were three weeks old my mom and I put them in their stroller and walked around the Galleria and Northpark mall.  We kept blankets over their carseats so they'd avoid strangers and germs.  I like to think the outings are good for all of us as long as we're careful.

In their short month they experienced two holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving!  They were Thing 1 & Thing 2 for Halloween (thanks to adorable onesies from my friend, Savannah) and enjoyed their first Thanksgiving feast with both sets of grandparents at Michael's parents home.

From everything I've heard and read we have two very easy-going kids. We know how fortunate we are and don't take it for granted!

As we start month two, Michael and I are both eager to see their smiles and watch them become more aware of their surroundings.  At the same time, I'm already mourning the fact that month one is over.  It's hard to believe an infant can teach you so much about life (and yourself).  I think both of us started this journey with zero confidence and we now know that not only can we do it but we absolutely love it.  I'm sure we've already made a million mistakes and will continue to do so but we love these two with every fiber of our being and as long as that's the case, all is well.

10/30: Charles & Susie; Phil & Linda; Karen
11/3: Laurie
11/6: Courtney & Hunter

11/9: Wes & Nathalia

11/10: Brent & Collin; Karen & Myers
11/11: Lindsey & Blake
11/13: Lisa & Bryan; Melanie
11/14: Rachel
11/17: Ryan & Ashley; Lindsey & Johnny
11/18: Leslie & Jonathan

11/24: Kaitlin, Steve, & Leighton

11/27: Lauren


Leslie said...

Love hearing all about your little babes! You and Michael are just naturals!

Amber Massey said...

Girl- I need your digits so when theses girls arrive next week, you'll be just a phone call away:) I am so in love with your babies.. Creepy, yes, but you just cannot blame me! They are precious! I can't wait to read more! Good job, mamma!

Laura said...

Yes-it definitely sounds like you and Michael have adjusted so gracefully to parenthood. I love all of the pictures, but the ones of the two of them touching hands or feet just tug at your heartstrings! (something my mom says :) )

Katie said...

They are absolutely precious!! :) I can't believe they're already a month old.

Aubrey said...

These posts tend to get crazy long with ONE baby, so I do not envy your task keeping it under five pages with TWO! Loved the updates and photos. Where is the time going?! SLOW DOWN ALREADY.

The pics of the babes touching are amazing. Observing the bond between siblings is the stuff dreams are made of.

Ashley said...

I love this so much! It's amazing how much can change in just one short month! They are little people now and I love hearing about their personalities. That second picture of Jude is my favorite! And Sloane is such a precious little thing!

Mom's the Word said...

They have changed so much. Seriously sweet photos! Way to go with the breastfeeding; that is amazing weight gain for one baby, let alone two!!

Jax said...

Good grief they are seriously so adorable! I mean.. SO ADORABLE. The way they reach for each other.. I love their little facial expressions.. eeek! I am already so excited for the Christmas photos!! Way to go on continuing to breastfeed two! I couldn't imagine (obviously), but that doesn't sound super easy. You look great, babies look great, everything is just so great and it makes me so happy!

Candace said...

absolutely the most precious siblings i've ever seen. the hand holding? i die. seriously! yall are adroable!!!!

Trish said...

My favorite section is the section on twins and those pictures of them together. It seriously makes my heart ache. Especially the black and white picture at the end. I had other things to say but now I've forgotten them all. I'll just go stare at that picture just a bit more.

Oh, I do remember that that one paragraph on breastfeeding twins made me exhausted. You're a rockstar.

KK said...

Awwww, these pics kill me. Just lovely. Twin bond = special stuff <3

The Echols Family said...

Looove all the pictures of your precious babies, and hearing about how amazingly you and Michael are adjusting to parenthood. It is truly one of the greatest gifts and blessings from God, and it is so beautiful to watch you all begin this new journey! Sloane and Jude are sooo precious, and I love seeing all of their pictures! You are a rockstar, momma!


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