Tuesday, July 31, 2012

25 Weeks - Keeping It Real

If you took a survey of 1 billion pregnant women, I'm not sure you'd find one more thrilled/grateful/ecstatic to be expecting than me.  As I've said in every post, I love being pregnant and am so excited for what's to come.

Now that we're clear on that, it's time to reveal some of the not-so-amazing things about pregnant Merd.  In no specific order....

1.  It is hot.  Really, really hot.  I've always been a sun worshiper and would still take this weather over snow and ice, but my biggest issue now that I'm "with children" is I can't cool down.  I will run a few errands and once I'm home it takes me two hours before I feel comfortable again.  I'm sitting under a fan wearing next to nothing and might as well still be outside.  It's weird.  Because of this, I will not (I repeat: WILL NOT) leave the house without a huge glass of water.  If I find myself somewhere without a drink I start to have a small panic attack so I try to avoid this situation as much as possible.  The great news?  I've yet to encounter any swelling!  Hooray!

2.  I am losing everything, my mind most of all.  I don't know what the deal is but I can't keep up with anything.  I was organizing the kids closet the other day and realized I'd unintentionally thrown away a pair of Sloane's shoes.  They were still in a bag and were so lightweight that I must've thought the bag was empty and tossed it.  I was crushed.  Not because they were amazing or expensive  (though they were super cute--silver snakeskin sandals! I mean, come on...) but because it was my first purchase for her once we found out we were having a boy and a girl.  I was really down on myself for being so reckless.  We were at Babies R Us the other day and I found them again, only this time they were marked down to a whopping $4 so I pleaded with Michael to let me purchase them one more time.  He agreed (after rolling his eyes) and I was ecstatic.  A few days ago I was looking for a lost gift card (have you noticed a pattern?) and was digging through a big bag of baby stuff.  And what was at the very bottom?  The original pair of silver snakeskin sandals.  I never threw them away.  Not only that, they were never even in the kids closet.

(I wish they made them for adults...)

3.  I've turned into a pathological liar when it comes to my due date.  This typically occurs when I'm in a hurry (check-out at the grocery store) or when the person doesn't speak much English (nail place).  I just make something up that is far enough ahead of our due date to be believable.  My conversation the other day at the nail place: "How many months are you?" "A little over seven." (Nope.)  "When's your due date?"  "Er.... October 10." (Nope.)  "Do you have a name picked out?" "Not yet!" (Nope.)  Isn't that ridiculous?  It is. 

4.  My mid-afternoon snack today was Sonic cheese tots and a large (very caffeinated) coke.

The convo between Michael and myself...
(Sidenote: "Aaaahalalala" represents the sound Homer Simpson makes when he's just eaten a donut or had a beer.  Michael knows this.)

5.  I can't make up my mind about anything.  Before pregnancy I always thought I was pretty good at making decisions and sticking to them.  Now I can't decide on ANYTHING and it is driving me crazy.  This is especially true when it comes to the nursery.  Why?

6.  I have recently obtained the line that runs down the middle of my stomach.   It is very faint but the real kicker is it is very crooked.  My only guess is it's due to my crazy scoliosis but it is now a constant reminder that I am a distant relative of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  If it wasn't so pathetic it'd be quite humorous.

7.  I've watched an indecent amount of the Olympics.  I love how these amazing athletes turn me into a complete couch potato.  I also love that most are half my age and I outweigh every Chinese gymnast (man and woman) by at least 80 pounds.  Pass me the cheese tots.

I think that's enough.  In keeping with this "True Confessions" blog post, my bump picture this week is me wearing my favorite "outfit."  I typically take the pictures when I'm going somewhere (showers, weddings, etc.) but this, my friends, is the real deal.  T-shirt, jean shorts, and hair in a top knot.
25 Weeks - How many basketballs do you see?

Let me make it even easier for you.  (That poor, poor side seam...)


Leslie said...

Seriously...you look SO good!!! I totally remember the indecisive feeling, and mine usually lasted post-partum too!

Jax said...

You crack me up, friend! The snakeskin sandals are adorable, even if you now have two pairs of them. :) The pathological liar thing had me chuckling reading your blog. That's so awesome. I would totally do that just to avoid the discussion with strangers.

And finally, you look pretty stinkin cute, just so you know! :)

Amber Massey said...

This. Is. Hilarious. You are so cute, and looking GREAT! I can completely relate (literally) to your forgetfulness, your indecisiveness, the constant need for a drink in hand, and most of all- to the garbage disposal that is my mouth. My poor husband looks at me in shock as I eat our way out of house and home. Even though I can't eat much at a time, I get in my fair share about every hour or so:)

The Echols Family said...

You and your babies are ADORABLE! I love everything about this post, because I totally remember those days. You are describing me word for word when I was pregnant. Miss you, girl!

Amy said...

That text is hilarious! Me or the tots?? Sounds like something Jared and I would send to each other...with probably the same answers! Love it...and I love cheese tots. You're the cutest prego!!! Congrats again :)


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