Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strange Animals Make Me Happy

I realize most everyone has seen this video by now, but I wanted to share for those who haven't.  As someone who adores very strange animals (manatees and ostriches to name a few), I completely appreciated this.

And as a sidenote, I heard a radio interview with Kristen Bell a year or so ago and thought she was fantastic.  I actually called Michael once the interview was over and proclaimed my love for this girl.  I realize the following video might not portray it, but she is smart.  And very witty.  She's also on Michael's "Top 10 list" so I'm not the only one who's smitten.  :)



Amber said...

I watched that yesterday and cried! She was sooo cute and sooo real! I learned I love her too :)John is in Dallas today, and I wish I was there and we could come visit you! I told him to call you, but it is two days of straight meetings/dinner :(

Jenni (Mac) D said...

I saw this yesterday too and died laughing! For the past year at work I have had a joke email signature titled "Sloth" with a picture of a sloth included (long story, just go with it). Love Kristen Bell and sloths...good video! :)

Trish said...

I love how 3-7 is her no cry zone. I can totally relate. How many times have I cried and Scott as asked why and I've sobbed "because I'm so happy." Ha!

I too have a major girl crush on Kristen Bell. Also Rachel McAdams.


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