Monday, September 12, 2011

Party Like It's 1998, Part II

In case you missed my last blog post, I came up with a list of things I would love to tell my 16-year-old self. Michael made a list as well! Today is his 29th birthday so I thought it was a great day to share his thoughts...

In 5 years you won’t remember some of the things you consider so important and stress over right now.

Take half an hour and look at the book of jobs your mom gives you during your senior year in high school. You don’t have to figure out your destined profession, but at least get an idea so you major in something you enjoy.

"Catching up" is a phrase that should never be used when alcohol is involved.

Lock the door to your dorm. Always.

The arguments you’re trying to make are wrong. Your parents are right.

There’s nothing wrong with being young and single. Don’t try to be in a relationship during your entire high school and college careers.

Life is more than good grades and sports.

Be more outgoing in all situations. It pays off down the road.

The Rock Shox on your mountain bike can’t handle a giant tree root. Just lift your front wheel, you moron.

Holding grudges is futile and wasteful.

Make an effort to keep in touch with friends you won’t see regularly.

Stay away from fast food. That stuff is nasty.

Figure out that sunglasses are helpful before you turn 25, that way you might be able to keep your eyes open during pictures.

You’re going to get hurt early in the year during your junior season in college. Redshirt right then and have the surgery. Did you know you had an extra bone in each foot? Freak.

Pay attention to the girl in the chicken hat.

Take golf lessons in high school.

Call your parents more often when you’re away at school. And let them know you appreciate them buying you all the loot at Sam’s, including the economy size box of Twinkies.

If I could add one more: "You will make your future wife so, so happy."

Happy Birthday Michael! Love love!

Age 15

Age 17ish

Age 28


Jax said...

So cute! Happy Birthday, Michael! I laughed out loud at:

"Catching up" is a phrase that should never be used when alcohol is involved.

Very true. Very true indeed. :)

Leslie said...

"Economy size box of twinkies!?!" Bahahaha!

Kaitlin said...

Too funny- twinkies?! ha. And, I love to know the story behind, "Lock the door to your dorm. Always." (although I can come up with about a million reasons from my own experience!)


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