Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm having a horrid case of blogger's block. I've started this post three times and after two or three paragraphs I highlight all and delete. Rather than spend my entire afternoon experiencing what I call "writing fail," I'm going to keep it short and post some pictures.

Friday Night:

- Happy hour with the Preston Hollow Presbyterian young adults. Awesome group. Met some new people and had a wonderful time.
- Drove downtown to see some college friends. One of Michael's soccer buddies just got back from Nicaragua and is about to leave for Denver so we wanted to see him before he took off again.

- Went to Nasher Sculpture Center (First Saturdays are free!) and had a fantastic time. I'm an art museum junkie and, fortunately, Michael is just fine with that. The museum also had an outdoor sculpture garden, which was absolutely gorgeous and made me so grateful there are creative people in this world. Every 20 feet or so there was a small basket with drawing paper so visitors could sketch if they wished. My terrible sketches would get me kicked out so I chose to take pictures and leave the sketching to the pros. Next on the list: Dallas Museum of Art.
- Met up with some friends to see The Adjustment Bureau. I'd give it a B+. Very good, not great.

- Church (three weeks in a row--this has to be a record for us)!
- Michael played flag football and I went to Calloways Nursery to figure out if we stand a chance at growing grass in our side-yard (to be determined--more on that later).

Off to enjoy the last few hours of this glorious weekend! Below are pictures from the Nasher Sculpture Center.

How cute is this couple?

I dare you to find a bigger fork.

Balloons. :)

One of these things is not like the other....

Could not get enough of the weeping willow. I was trying to get some pictures for our bedroom... Had a grand ol' time with the manual focus.


Cool but kind of creepy.
My souvenir. :)


Kaitlin said...

Love the coffee mug. A must for the delicious Keurig coffee that fills it. Pretty pics!

Leslie said...

That photo of you is beautiful! I too love a good weeping willow...there are a few in our neighborhood and they are just beginning to sprout their pretty!

Cari said...

Great pics!! You've really got the camera down pat now. It's awesome to see some green in the winter, too :)


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