Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Sunny Day In January

You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the positive feedback on the last post. I really feared I might lose some people but I just checked the numbers on Google Reader and Blogger and you all stayed with me! Good stuff. It was neat to see how many of you agree that you blog for yourselves (& family) rather than for others.

I spent this week in West Palm Beach for a work trip and will write more about that later.... or maybe I won't. In short, I learned more about policy and statistical reporting and had a FANTASTIC time with two of my co-workers.

Today was absolutely gorgeous and I begged Michael to let me take pictures of him. I know it was on the very bottom of his "How I love to spend my weekends" list but he politely agreed and was a great model. He did request a treat so we went through the McDonalds drive-through and got an ice cream cone for his efforts. He's a cheap date, what can I say.

So here are way too many pictures of Mr. Michael Haynes. I'm quite positive you won't enjoy them nearly as much as I do but that's alright.

Sidenote: As I mentioned in a previous post, I took 230 pictures today. Below are the ones I found acceptable. You do the math. It's a struggle for me when it is super bright outside (as it was today). Being in the shade is necessary but the color isn't nearly as bright. I decreased the saturation on a lot of these so they wouldn't look so blue.

This was his favorite:

The sunglasses were an absolute necessity during the times we weren't in the shade.

Michael thinks he looks a little "vacant" in this picture, but I love it because you can actually see his eyes.

I love this one. Genuine smile. I must have said something hilarious. :)

Before I took this one I actually said, "Open your eyes as wide as you can."

I think I hugged him after I took this shot.

I believe this was picture #215. Can't blame the guy.

Again, I must be hilarious...

And I'll end with a shot of the two of us...

And now I'm off to update his Facebook profile picture. Because that's what crazy wives do.


Cari said...

Great pics! So glad you're loving your camera. has Michael never been a real model? He looks like a natural. You need to send these to J. Crew! :)

Susie said...

Michael looks great! You did a great job with the lighting.

Jax said...

Those pics are SO good! You're really talented! I love the one where he thinks he looks "vacant" in his opinion.. (which is really funny he said that). Awesome way to spend the sunny day! Tulsa is expected to have a RIDICULOUs amount of snow tomorrow so I'm wanting to rewind to Saturday's 75 degrees!

Kaitlin said...

Yup, a nice little photo shoot with Mark Consuelos :) That "vacant" comment made me laugh! Great pics, as usual, Mere!


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