Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Honeymoon Is Over

Want proof?

As we were about to fall asleep last night, I rested my head on Michael's shoulder and thanked him again for the sweet letter and wonderful anniversary. I pulled back to look at him (which was nearly impossible since it was so dark) just as he started to say, "I love you very much." Unfortunately, he wasn't able to finish the sweet statement because his retainer popped out and a large amount of spit landed right on my cheek.

That, my friends, is marriage.

(And I wouldn't trade it for anything.)

(But I think I'll put a box of tissues on my side table.)


ty said...

Ahhhh. Young love.

Candace said...

oh this CRACKED ME UP!! You guys are too cute!!!!

p.s. I loved your lettters to each other. what a happy, fun couple ya'll are!

Jax said...

hahaha! Love this! I'm playing blog catch up this morning and this made me giggle in my cube! Ya'll are cute. :)

Kaitlin said...

Ahaha, now THAT's true love. :)

ty said...

Umm PS just read your comment. You're the best :) Are you coming here anytime soon, or do I have to take my busted ass to you?

Ashley said...

hahaha!! That reminds me of the part in Date Night when she's getting into bed and takes out her retainer and this HUGE amount of saliva just drips all over the place! Have you seen it?

And your letters to each other made me cry at work. So sweet, happy anniversary!!


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