Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Texas Sounds Like Taxes

Since today is Tax Day I thought I'd share a few things to cheer you up (in case your rebate wasn't enough).

Before I do that, thanks for all of your comments regarding our move to Texas!! It means a lot and we are so thankful! Last year I wrote about April being a pretty incredible month and now we have another reason to celebrate. I find this pretty neat: I started my job at the church the day after Easter (three years ago) and Michael accepted his job on the same day. I love when little things like that fall into place.

Ok, let's cheer you sad folks up. So you all know I adore my nephew and think he might be the cutest baby in the entire UNIVERSE (hyperboles <-- love them). However! I typically look at his weekly pictures, smile, coo at his cuteness, and then get back to the real world (MY real world). But this picture? This picture made me turn to Michael and boldly declare, "I think I want a baby." I can't explain it. I'm not sure if it's the footy pajamas or the big, beautiful grin, but this, THIS my friends, makes me want to go to Babies R Us and register for our future child.

Because of the strong feelings I have when I see it, I'm going to post the picture on here for all to enjoy and then hide it for a few years.

Below is a great video my mom sent this morning. If you have five minutes check it out. I was a little "eh" about it at first but pretty soon I was tapping my feet and giving it the famous Meredith snaps. (Try snapping to a song without smiling. Impossible, I tell you.)

And if neither of the above items were enough to make you feel better, I'm at a loss for words. Which might be a good thing because this post is long enough.


Jax said...

For some reason, blog roll didnt update your last post (or else I wouldnt have bugged Michael to tell him about some headhunting firm Andrew H recommended. Needless to say, I wasn't working hard on Monday. Whatever.) Anyway, Michael wrote back thanking me but told me about Texas!! That is OUTSTANDING! Crazy and outstanding at the same time! So happy for you guys! :) Thankfully, Dallas is a cool city, even though quite a change. You HAVE to keep blogging when you move! :) (I used way too many exclamation points in this comment..haha). Sad that ya'll (Texas/Okie word) are leaving Tulsa, but wishing you big congrats. :)

Emily said...

ahhh that made me smile:) But still didnt make me un sad;)


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