Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catching Up!

I apologize for never getting back to writing about the honeymoon (oops). Below I have posted 2 albums of pictures from our trip and will let THEM do the explaining, otherwise I will never catch up on this thing!

Album I

Album II

All of the pictures have a brief description and sum up our trip quite nicely!! We had an absolute blast and can't wait to go back. We've decided it might not be the ideal place for a family trip so we're hoping to go back in the next few years before all of our money is spent on diapers and baby bottles (not that there is anything wrong with that)...

Some of the highlights of our trip were the sunrise walks on the beach (we never managed to get on "Hawaii time" and therefore woke up at 6:30a every morning); evening cocktails at Kimos (fabulous restaurant right on the water); snorkeling at Black Rock; the beaches at Wailea and Kannapali; and last but certainly not least: the 9-hour road trip to Hana. It was absolutely exhausting but one of the most beautiful adventures I've ever experienced.

Moving on!

We are now back to the real world and loving it! We celebrated our one month anniversary by going to Bed, Bath & Beyond and returning a few things. Ha! I have no idea why people wait so long to get married--it is so much better than I ever expected. What could be greater than being with your best friend all of the time? Grocery shopping isn't a chore, running errands can actually be fun, and we get to spend all holidays together! Which brings me to my next topic of discussion...

We decided that we did not want to split our time with both families during each holiday so we went to Coppell for Thanksgiving this year. It was so nice to be able to drive down there and stay for several days--I always feel like we are there for such a short time and it tends to feel rushed. I watched a cumulative total of 84 hours of football (and by 84 I mean 184), but I am starting to understand the game and I do actually enjoy it. My limit, however, is 1 game per day and I do believe I exceeded my limit by about 400%. We also saw The Christmas Carol, which was fantastic! And last but not least, we did some minor Christmas shopping--none of this 4am craziness, but we did find some neat things for the apartment. We left Sunday morning so we could get back for our friends' wedding Sunday night--it was a beautiful ceremony and we're so happy for them both!

I wouldn't say "Oh the weather outside is frightful," nor would I say, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas," so I think I'm pretty satisfied with the weather right now--it is indeed cold, but not miserable. We picked up our Christmas tree last night! This is my first experience with a "live" tree and so far I am loving it (although it sheds more than Thumbs)! It has a slight lean to it, which we think adds a bit o' character. And as I mentioned to my family, it must take after me--who knew trees could have scoliosis?! :)

Our tree without the trimmings...

It's a beaut!

"Just Married" Christmas ornament.

Our temporary tree topper from Maui!

Michael and I have been quite ridiculous about the upcoming festivities. We made a Christmas cd and hung up a wreath mid-November and our apartment is filled to the brim with red and green (and an occasional gold and silver). Tis the season!

What a good feeling to know that I am finally caught up on this blog! Perhaps now I can keep up with it in a timely manner. :) Alright, I'm off to deck the halls with bulletin boards!

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jules said...

That is the scariest christmas tree topper I have ever seen. Congratulations on making it your own!


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