Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 days!

I am going to apologize right now for the boring, bland, unoriginal, and very unfunny post that I am about to write. My excitement for the upcoming nuptials is at an all-time high but I'm not so sure you could tell that by looking at my face--it is one of complete bewilderment and exhaustion!

Michael and I went to our own homes this weekend--he was able to take a mini break from the wedding and his future bride, and I dove full-force into last minute plans. I found some shoes and a necklace for the rehearsal dinner, and we also finalized plans with Confectionately Yours. (Shameless plug for them--they are amazing and SO NICE--use them for all of your cake needs. I promise you won't be disappointed!)

Mom discovered on Monday what she has been missing out on for so many years: chair covers. She went to a store to simply reserve a cake stand and left with chair covers on the brain. She drove to Tulsa yesterday to finalize plans with the museum and had about 45 different table linens that we could mix and match. We finally settled on an arrangement that I think is going to look very nice, and I must say, the chair covers did "take it to the next level." Now I'm praying that these leaves will stop being so stubborn and let go of their green coloring. Stupid chlorophyll. :)

If the rest of this doesn't just scream exhilirating, Michael, mom, and myself spent last night separating M&Ms by color. I really can't think of much that is more exciting than that. We also pulled out all of the centerpieces to make sure we had them all here and in place. The apartment looked like a tornado (a beautiful tornado filled with love and marriage no less) had covered every square foot of the place. It doesn't look much better today but mom did a good job cleaning everything and putting it all away.

So now we are at 10 days and there really isn't (and I mean it this time) much more to do until next Thursday. I'm hoping I can enjoy the next week and stop thinking about all of the particulars that are out of my hands. Michael has been able to manage that quite nicely so I'm hoping to model myself after him.

There you have it, my pathetic attempt at a post. I hope I didn't forget anything but I'm sure I did. Oh yes! When I came back Sunday evening, Michael surprised me with a new, beautiful quilt for the guestroom bed. He and his mom picked it up this weekend and it was such a great surprise! So now both beds are fully (and apppropriately) clothed and I no longer have to keep the guest bedroom door shut out of sheer embarrassment. The apartment is turning out to be quite the cozy place. Come November you are all welcome to stop by and stay awhile. :)

Pray for those leaves!!

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